Saturday, October 24, 2009

Americans Are Dumb; and Australians Are Nutcases

I hope you take this with a good dollop of sense of humour. Hehe!

I don't watch a lot of TVs but I do watch clips on YouTube from time to time.

Why are Americans' dumb - that's what the title says!

From Chaser's War on Everything.

Ok, the next clip you really need to have a strong heart to watch it - it is rather offensive and I do not condone the act at all. But its jaw-dropping and I thought I should share it.

Why are Australians nutcases?

From John Safran's new show - I don't know what it's called but its on ABC.

So wrong on so many levels.


On my way to the speaking gig on Thursday evening, I bought a copy of The Big Issue.

For those who don't know, The Big Issue is a magazine that is sold by street vendors who are mostly homeless, disabled (intellectually or physically) and/or those whose struggling with addiciton.

For every copy sold (AUD$5), the vendor gets half of it, so AUD$2.50. I absolutely love the idea - it trains them to work for a living, and its a sustainable way to address to larger issue of homelessness and unemployment.

So everytime I walk past one, I'd buy a copy - but I almost never read them. Why I buy them instead of just giving them the money? Because I think its a great way to train the vendors to work for a living, and I think it cultivates good values for the vendors.

This time, I got a note in it.

It says: "A little note from Grant the polite guy, Thankyou for buying this magazine from me, Every little bit helps. I don't make a lot from selling The Big Issue so I've also started showing people my Amway catalogue of which I get commission from sales as well. You can take it with you and look through it at home and bring it back if you wish. I'm just trying to get on my feet again. I wasn't always like this I'm just down on my luck at the moment. I hope something nice comes or happens to you today. I work near the Commonwealth bank (On the corner of Albert and Adelaide street) everyday. Even if you didn't buy a magazine it would be great if people could wave or say "hi Grant" that way I don't feel so alone. Thankyou again.
P.S If I ask you all the time I'm sorry it's just hard to remember all the people at once but as I get better I hope to remember everyone. Thanks again and have a good day. Grant"

It immediately warmed my heart and who cares if Madonna is looking incredibly scary on the front page. :P

So, if you're in Australia, try get a copy of The Big Issue whenever you can - I am sure AUD$5 is less than 10% of what you earn a month.


Random fact: I have a piercing on my left ear. Got it when I was 21. I wore a black stud for a year, then got sick of it and never wore anything since.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Mongolia, where there were a lot of street beggars (usually kids). They would ask for money as a handout, so I would tell them if they sang a kid's song for me that I would pay them (since ethnomusical research is closely related to what I do). There's something about earning the money that always lit up their face, I enabled them to have a sense of self-respect and productiveness that wouldn't be there otherwise. When we work for our money, we respect ourselves and we know we are worth something.

Octavius said...

That is a remarkably good idea chap.


Just said...

I am still laughing at us , Americans ..... That note really impress me ...

Aek said...

I love your random facts about yourself. :-P

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