Thursday, October 22, 2009

Excitedly Tiring Much

I was invited to the advanced screening of Michael Moore's new movie Capitalism: A Love Story last night.

I must say that it can be an incredibly powerful film. I must admit that as with other of his film, its very biased and there were parts where I do not agree with him, but most parts, I am quite convinced for the time being. If someone can convince me otherwise, I would then change my mind.

I laughed, I had tears in my eyes, I sat on the edge of my seat and I didn't want the movie to end. Extreme poverty will not end and equal rights will never be achieved if we continue to operate the way we do. I think its a huge wake-up call for many and I would highly recommend everyone to watch it, but watch it with a critical mind. It does make me look at America in a slightly different light - especially the past presidents between Roosevelt and Obama.

Capitalism: A Love Story comes out in cinema across Australia on 4th November 2009


I was given my own room at my office last Friday and a new computer connected to two 24" (1290x1200) flat panel screen. Of course I was excited. And then I found out on Monday my supervisor hired a Research Assistant, but she hasn't got any job for her so for the time being, she's my Assistant! So she's been doing analysis for me all week while I attend meetings and design a few more research methodologies.

Another good news came shortly after. I will be going back to uni to do my postgraduate study next year, so I will be working part-time. However, today was offered a promotion - that explains the assistant and my new office space.

My Admin Assistant calls my room my dungeon.

The 68-pages long ethics application I very, very painfully put together all week six weeks ago have finally been approved, so now I can start harassing people ethically running my focus groups, interviews, surveys and publishing. Exciting much.


I will be presenting at an event tonight to a group of volunteers who are just about to leave for South Africa to manage some schools over there under an education scheme. My topic this time is about Inspirational Leadership - how to develop and teaching inspiring leaders of tomorrow. I am quite looking forward to that although I pretty much drained my brain over the weekend putting together the slides.


My friend texted me this morning, "Catch up this Saturday, 7.30pm @ Verve. RSVP by Fri or I'll be shaken, not stirred". Funny.

I have been group emailing with two of my colleagues, and they're currently talking about "vagina cupcakes". Umm.. thanks, but no thanks. I stopped replying. I'm very disturbed.

I was eating lunch in the tearoom - beef burger with beetroot, Swiss cheese, salad, tomato, BBQ sauce and caramelised onion; with chips - very inelegantly with sauce dripping everywhere. My Associate Director kept making me laugh which didn't help at all. And she says I'm 10 times cuter having sauce all over my fingers and some around my lips. My kid-ish T-shirt from didn't help either. Finance Manager said I looked like a 5 year old boy eating a burger too big for himself.

Two coffees and I'm still sleepy. I'm about to fall asleep but I need to plow (or plough)through all these qualitative data before the end of this week!


Tell Dave that his new template rocks your socks and that I have good taste - quite evidently.

Seth, you're quite an inspiration and I hope you know that. All the medication and psych changes will be tiring and frustrating but hang in there, mate! The mad ride will level off.

Mirrorboy, you are stronger than you think you are, if I can be really honest with you. You've been beaten down over, and over, and over again, and each time after all the tears and pain you manage to come back up, stronger than you were before. :) Sending you lots of positive thoughts and everything comforting that I can think of!


Anonymous said...

I've been dying to see "Capitalism: A Love Story" and in fact I did a post about it on my blog a couple weeks ago when it was released here in the States. With my time and transportation issues, though, I may not get to see it until it gets released on DVD. :(

Glad you had a chance to see it, at least.

Anonymous said...

Shelter is a pretty good film (^.^) downloaded it recently. made me a little teary.
btw, which uni did you go to?
im in yr 11 and still uncertain whether to choose Monash or Melb Uni.. (>.<)

Dave83201 said...

An office and an assistant? Important lectures, and fancy advanced screenings? Congratulations! You deserve it all!

Just maybe use a napkin next time you eat, regardless of how cute you look with sauce on your mouth. LOL!

Seth said...


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