Tuesday, October 20, 2009

For Me, For My Love Ones, For the World

I must be a really weird person because I do not understand people with their obsession for comments yet they don't make the effort to have conversations. I am not pointing finger at anyone specifically, nor am I expecting you to reply to my comments - I seldom go back to an old posts to read your reply to my comment. I know I cannot afford to have conversations and I don't expect people to leave a comment but I read them all and can I just say kudos and thank you very much for all the very in-depth, deeply inspiring and top quality comments I've received so far. I really appreciate the thoughts and effort you have put in. Thank you!


Fer and Dave, my thoughts are with you both through this tough time caring for your sick family members. Remember to care for yourself too, and please give yourself two and a half pats on the back for yourself from me.

Also Fer, congrats on 50th post!


Today is a sad day - OK, I'm exaggerating a little. I wrote a difficult email to reject an invitation to the world conference in Perth on child neglect and abuse - its one of the most important conferences on the issue, and its their first time in Australia. Most of all, children holds a very special place in my heart. After all those time spent writing the application, I had to decline after being selected.

I have another conference in Melbourne on the last day of the 4 day above mentioned conference which I have agreed to present earlier. The 6-7 hours flight to Perth will kill me I'm sure.


I feel incredibly lucky to wake up to a baby bear cub who wish me good morning almost everyday and accompany me through the last few hours of my work - and sometimes sneakily sends me emails that make me laugh so hard my colleagues think I'm mad. Even though its only through online, to this very special person, here's a shout out to you - you're a superstar!


What have I done this week for myself, for my love ones and for the world?

For myself
I treated myself with an unhealthy lunch - lots of very nice creamy chicken + cherry tomatoes pizza and Coke. I watched... a very terrible TV show but I loved it.

For My Love Ones
I made cheap attempts to make people's day better by sending them an email. Brought Erika to her favourite restaurant on her last night of her trip. I called my mum and we spoke for an hour mainly about all her travels for the past 2 months - that's how long I haven't spoken to her.

For the World
I bought a random stranger, Lindon and Lucy, dinner. I inspired 4 high school students at the conference I presented on Saturday to organise a campaign to end extreme poverty in their school and I have since been mentoring them through emails. I taught two of my colleagues to buy products from social enterprise e.g. buy groceries that you know goes to support charity or marginalised communities such as buy fair trade coffee and chocolate and Mount Franklin water with pink caps for Breast Cancer Foundation.

Photo credit: Cayusa

Tell me, what have you done for yourself, for your love ones and for the world.


JC said...

I know for a fact that you have been doing so much more than everything you have listed above.

Your emails sent in an "attempt" to make some people's days better were not in vain. I hope you know that they definitely brightened mine. I don't think I can say thanks enough.

For someone who came to the Engligh language later in their life, you have an uncanny and unforgetable eloquence that some of us never seem to obtain. You have a talent for words.

Talk to you soon.

Seth said...

I like the way you've done that "What have you done for yourself, your loved ones, your world" type posting - it would be a nice regular feature for bloggers to us.

I hope I can come up with something positive in each one of those categories like you have.

cvn70 said...


I generally dont thinik of life in those terms rather i usually just take one day at a time. I do fo rothers but not on a daily basis, i mean i dont set out to do so but then again i have given a lot away in efforts to help others

hope th eday is going well, take care and be safe


Dzyan said...

OK, OK, first things first, thanks for the congratulation and you´re so lucky to have someone so special in your life :) that kind of guys should never be let go nor forgotten, must be really special.

As for conversations, I never get the chance to see you on-line, might be that our schedules don´t want to see us together and might have something to do with the i-don´t-know-how-many hours difference between countries, but I appreciate all your comments and hope you do the same, just have a hard time answering to them all individually, which I used to do on the very next post, but somehow I´ve forgotten lately.

Now, for me, I just sent a request for a scholarship to assist a congress about HIV. for my loved ones: I´m somewhat organizing a party for my brother and my sister, both were born on october 24th twelve years apart, and for the world... well, the world must wait.

Take care and hope to chat with you again soon.

Anonymous said...

I made a sandwich for myself, I did nothing for my loved ones because they're all too far away, and I will teach section for my students, the new generation of scholars, academics, and workforce.

mrgagaa said...

I liked your section on doing things for yourself and other people. I wouldn't label attempts as "cheap" because if you had good intentions and genuinely wanted to make someone's day better, that's really all that matters in the end. Also, sometimes all it takes to cheer someone up is a nice email. Don't underestimate even the simplest things in life, because sometimes the simplest things and things that are "free" are truly the best things we have. Congrats to you for your growing blog and expanding number of followers.

Dave83201 said...

I'm glad you talked to your mom! I'm sure she must be so proud of you! She should be!

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