Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Guest Blogger?

"Apparently one of them is my stalker - Brett's told me I have an online stalker who admires my achievements but I thought he was lying. I'm scared."

Who am I? I'm Kayess and I'm the COOLEST guy you'll ever know ;) I kid, I kid...that's Aaron's line.

Aaron has invited his "online stalker" to guest blog for him and I figured I might as well give it a go and see how it goes. I've tried blogging before and failed desperately in my attempts.

Unlike Aaron, I'm still in my teens and in high school as a Senior in a developing country somewhere in the beautiful region of South East Asia!

I'm not very much a prolific writer, so don't expect too much from this guest blogger; I'm still not quite sure what yet to write about and elaborate upon, but hopefully I'll decide upon something soon. The gay blogosphere has provided interesting opinions, friends and support over the past year that I've been following it and hopefully I'll be able to make a worthwhile contribution to the community :)

Haha I've a feeling that I might just end up talking about everyday life or providing comments on any issue that interests me. I've a lack of accomplishment and grew up in a highly deifferent background so in literary terms, I'm very much the antithesis of Aaron. LOL! Hopefully this will have a positive effect on the blog and make it slightly more interesting.


Dave83201 said...

Yes, finally enough of that Aaron guy -- lets have more from Brett's friend! I get the feeling that soon the "Stalker" is going to have a few stalkers. LOL. Its a blog world after all!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Aaron I came here to read your blog (very strange and I just gave up on trying to get caught up) and instead I find out someone else has taken part ownership.

Your blog just keeps getting more and more strange for me

Brett said...

Lol! What have I done? :P


Kayess said...

@Dave83201 stalkers of my own?! my..i would be so honored! haha thanks for the warm welcome :)

@Ethan hahahahahahahah i'm sorry my presence offends you ;)

@Brett you've unleashed an unnecessary evil onto the blogging community is what you've done ;)

Anonymous said...

So Kayess who are you anyway?
I came over to see Aaron alone (or so I thought) so now I want to know who you are

(Mock suspecion used)

Aek said...

Kayess . . . KS . . . have we chatted online before? Do I know you? o_O

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