Sunday, October 18, 2009

Interesting Encounters

My housemate, whom I'll call Maree, and I knew each other before we moved in together. One of our friends, Erika, from Sydney, came a-visiting earlier this week but because my housemate studies and I work, we took turn to bring her around. So on her last night, I thought I'd bring her to her favourite restaurant in Brisbane, Sizzler, which is a buffet with ala-carte style restaurant. It's pretty expensive, but its always packed full of people.

We were, obviously, in the long queue which is not something I enjoy doing when I am hungry. Erika is an incredibly bubbly person who will not stop talking! So as she was going on and on about joining the cops next year while I nodded diligently, a young guy in front of us kept looking at me while a girl she was with kept rambling on and on about something. After a few times catching him looking at me, I gave him a smile and a nod as if to tell him that I understood how he's feeling - in a queue and stuck with a woman who wouldn't stop talking.

The girl she was with was about 4'8" and looked less than 15 years old. She was cross-eyed, incredibly thin and it was obvious that her fingers were deformed.

It could be miracle but both girls stopped talking for a brief moment and in that moment of awkward silence, he said 'hi'. So I said hi back and we all introduced each other - his name was Lindon and the girl he was with was his cousin, Lucy. He's 18, in high school, and she's 15, in middle school. All four of us started talking, or more like both the girls started chattering away. I later found out that he has just got his driver's license. Lucy was born with bone deformities where her bones do not grow properly. She showed me her feet which was as big as my palm.

She's been admitted into the hospital all her life and gone through numerous operations. He came to her house that night at 6.00pm and picked her up without explaining to her where they were going and brought her to Sizzler, her favourite restaurant. Of course, she was beaming with excitement and thus, explained her hyperactiveness that night.

Lindon is a shy boy. A mix Australia-Spanish, curly brown hair, long eye-lashes with beautiful brown eyes. He wants to be an electrician when he grows up and he's the typical Aussie surfer - the way he talks and the way he dressed; in a boardshorts and a Billabong T-shirt. Through the chat, I also found out that Lucy is due for another, this time, a much bigger, operation that weekend - which was yesterday. To show his support and to "bring her spirit up" (his words), Lindon decided to give her a surprise and took her there. At this point, Erika and I were feeling flabbergasted so I could only looked him in the eyes as he kept his head slightly low and smiled subtly but shyly. I gave him a nod and smiled which he returned with a bigger smile.

It came to our turn to place our orders and there were two counters - so we paid but at the very last minute, after paying for ours, I thought this wasn't right and I walked over to their counter and paid their meals as well. Money, I have enough but people like him, we do not have enough. They thanked me profusely and I invited them to join us at our table and we all chatted all night. At one point, we were both at the salad bar and he came up to me to say thanks. I later found out that he's saved three weeks of his pocket money (roughly A$80) to bring Lucy there that night which just impressed me even more. I patted him on the shoulder and told him, "Good boy."

After a good meal and an inspiring night, we bid good-byes, exchanged hugs and left. He whispered another thank you into my ear as we hugged which I whispered back, "don't thank me at all. Thank YOU."


Australia is small.

I love photography and adore good photographsers. I have adored this Brisbane photographer for about 2 years before I moved to Brisbane. So when I moved here, one of my friends told me I needed to meet one of her very talented friends, and guess who it was? Surprise surprise, the photographer. And I just got home from one of my colleagues' birthday picnic and guess who was there? Surprise surprise, the photographer and my colleague are friends too! He dropped me home just moments ago.

Why I brought this topic up?

I had a chat with Brett on msn today and it turned out that we have a mutual friend. The most awkward thing is, this friend of mine he knows is quite a close friend of mine. And I knew I am giving out too much information on this blog, because without even a second guess, Brett went onto our friend's facebook profile and knew who I was. So, now I know who Brett is and he knows who I am.

Awkward much.

Here's hoping that I do not have a mutual friend with bold - which actually, come to think of it, I don't really mind.


bold said...

Love that first story. Heaps nice of you to help them out!
As for the last bit, i'll speak to you on msn and we'll see! lol

Fer said...

Wow, if the world is a little place an island just seems the best place to meet everyone. And Brett is a really nice guy, I find it as a really good thing you two aren´t alone. On my behalf I might be in the most populated city in the world and yet know very few people.

And it was a mighty nice action you did there for young Lindon, you are indeed a nice guy, hope you get some spare time we can talk to each other again soon.

Brett said...

Great story mate, that was really nice of you.

Haha - that was a really cool, if not scary coincidence. Better not betray my identity ;).

For the record, I think I had to guess twice, heh.

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