Friday, October 16, 2009

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Today, Brisbane Times reported that:
"Ten times more sexually active Year 10 schoolboys have had their most recent sexual experience with another male compared to rates reported six years ago, a national survey has shown.

Figures from the fourth National Survey of Australian Secondary Students presented in Brisbane revealed that the percentage of boys who said their previous sexual partner was male had escalated from 0.7 per cent in 2006 to 7.4 per cent in 2008.

Five per cent of all sexually active teenagers among the 3000 Year 10 and 12 students surveyed reported the last person they had sex with was of the same sex.

Only one percent of students said they were attracted exclusively to people of the same sex."
It blew my mind to read that statistics to be honest. I am wondering if its actually true that kids youth these days experiment more with their friends of the same sex or if its because they are more comfortable to "come out". This is a national study, so encompasses the whole of Australia, and includes public, Catholic and private schools.

Very interesting report - go read it.

I hope that this reports also highlight the need for more anti-homophobia effort in Australia. Suicide rate amongst same-sex attracted people are between 3-14% of the total death by suicide in Australia and although the rate of youth suicide has decreased more than half in the last 10 years, it remained the top causes of death amongst young people alongside road traffic accident.

The large percentage means that there is an uncertainty of the reported cases of youth suicide, which highlights another area that Australia needs to urgently address; also, because most people remain in the closet, I believe the figure is a lot higher.


Speaking of which, I found a really cute art project / human rights campaign in Australia, promoting inclusiveness amongst the Australian community calling for respect for the LGBTs.

I love all the people who've put their face to make a stand against anti-homophobia and also all the messages that I've read so far have been pretty impactful. Love it!

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bold said...

I think it's the perfect example that the world is becoming a more accepting place. Who knows, maybe in 20 years time (or less) it will be completely normal and accepted for gays to have open relationships in highschool. It can only make the world a better place!

I liked that 'this is oz' website's good to know there's celebs and other people out there willing to make a stand!

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