Wednesday, October 28, 2009

POLL: Is my blog confusing?

Ethan flagged something very important that I have completely been ignorant about - its hard to follow my blog and I can be way too random. I don't even know where to start how valuable feedback and comment like that is, so I've started a poll on the sidebar - Go vote or go die. Please be honest.

Otherwise, any form of feedback is greatly appreciated. Leave comments and criticise me like how you'd criticise Obama!


So, from my previous post, you can tell I added Kayess as a guest blogger because that hyperactive kid has been asking me at least a million two hundred and twenty three thousand seven hundred and fifty five questions every time we chat, so I let him babble all he wants on here.

Sorry if that confused anyone of you.


For those whose new, I am a pretty new blogger myself - have only been blogging for a month, and if you want to know where to start, read this post and it should give you a general idea. You can skip the rest of my rambles.

What do I do?


Torchyboy is so hitting on me. I tweeted yesterday that one of my contact lens fell out while I was rubbing my eye. This was how the conversation went:
@torchyboy: hard, soft or chewy? i'm talking about the contact lenses. honest! :P

@beautifoolchaos: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! sure, i believe u. :P its soft. oh god! even writing that made me laugh.

@torchyboy: soft? me too. but if I take it out, it gets rock hard :P


@beautifoolchaos: u're terrible.. terribly funny! im glad im all by myself in my room... while i laughed my arse off...

@beautifoolchaos: im sensing another pervy comment from you in reply to my previous sentence. lol.

@torchyboy: all alone in your room doing what with your arse? :P happy times :D
Tell me how to take this guy seriously?!

And then later in the evening:
@torchyboy: YOU are my inspiration! I just bought a Big Issue :)

@beautifoolchaos: OMG!!!!!!! I'M SOOOOOOOOOO PROUD OF U!!!!! I love you twice more than before now!

@torchyboy: I've passed him loads of times - old guy looking pretty rough. thanks Aaron :)

@beautifoolchaos: HHAHAHAHA! i knew u'd say something about that! (in response to the previous pervy comment about arse) :P and u get me very very excited! no, not WHAT U'RE THINKING! lol. Big Issue!!

@torchyboy: you keep getting that excited and you'll have your own big issue :P

@beautifoolchaos: hahahahahaha. i dunno how to take u torchy! lol! are u flirting with me?!

@torchyboy: of course :D but don't worry - I think 10000 miles makes it fairly safe! :)

@beautifoolchaos: lol! i'll take that as a compliment! lol! at least someone wants to flirt with me. :P and u walk past a lot of bridges don't u?!

@torchyboy: you're so hot I'm surprised guys aren't just throwing themselves at you :)

@torchyboy: oops

@beautifoolchaos: LIES! lol.

LonelyBoy just tweeted that his good mood didn't last so go give him a hug. Don't be selfish.

If you don't like reading my blog, chat to me. I am way more fun when I'm chatting - at least I'd like to think so (DO NOT tell me otherwise! *evil glares*). My msn is but no money back guarantee and I am only online once in a purple moon.

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Anonymous said...

lol you are so odd Aaron yet I'm starting to like you even more now

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