Thursday, October 29, 2009

"The problem wasn't ignorance, it was preconceived ideas"

This post is by guest blogger, Kayess.

In Economics class today, my lovely teacher decided to slack off and show us a video about the 'third world' and the misconceptions held by the Western World towards them. It was a fairly interesting (and humorous) video clip (with plenty of statistics to back up) so I didn't mind too much.

The clip's 20 minutes long but well worth watching if you have the time (even if it's just to laugh at his funny ?Swedish accent).

There's one quote, "the problem wasn't ignorance, it was preconceived ideas", that stood out to me the most due to its relevance to not just the idea of how 'we' view developing nations, but could be used to explain some issues facing homosexuality as well. In essence, the man argues that there is a huge disparity between nations within a region that policies aimed at developing nations need to be comprehensive and contextual (as opposed to a blanket policy).

In other news, spirit week has been ongoing for the past week in the lovely school of mine and I have to say, my school is really lacking in its show of high school spirit. It seems that my grade (the seniors) has participated the most in the event and it has led to some interesting results! On my part at least, I've determined this week thus far that:
i) Pyjamas are really comfortable to wear into school
ii) I look terrible in a pink, floral skirt and a relatively tight shirt; I guess I will not grow up to be a tranny
iii) The length of my hair exceeds the capabilities of hair gel.

And to end...
Trivial information from watching my beloved CNN from today:
- The American porn industry, once thought to be recession-proof, has now been hit hard by the recession. This is compounded by the rise in Internet piracy.
- The use of social networking sites during work has created a productivity loss to firms at a calculated (if I remember correctly) USD2 billion.

Cheerio mes amours <3


Anonymous said...

not sure about the 2 billion but I wasted several hundred dollars of my company's money catching up on this blog today

pathetic prophet said...

Dispelling ignorance was one of the main reasons for the GayPride movement. Unfortunately it fell into being a parody of itself and tends to reinforce stereotypes. It would be REALLY cool if all of us who are unwilling to become more publicly open than we are would stand up and show everybody that there's a bunch of us who look, act and feel just like you do. I know I have a hard time doing it, and an even harder time standing with the majority of people/images at The Parade. But maybe we should just quietly join in without "trying to make a statement".

Brett said...

I'm too tired to comment on the smart part of your post :$.

Spirit week? Oh how I hate them. I'm sure you'd look great in pyjamas though- heh.
I wore ugg boots to school the other day. True story.


Kayess said...

@goleftatthefork: haha hopefully the blog was worth reading and wasting some precious money on.

@pathetic prophet: I do agree with your views on the implications gay pride parades have had on the gay community. While they initially served a purpose in raising awareness of the cause, the usefulness of this is far exceeded in its cost to the gay community in terms of misconceptions and lasting stereotypes; in the more 'liberal' areas of the world, Prides are a disservice to the community, however, in parts of the world where I am from and live in, it could serve a very useful purpose in getting people accustomed to the topic and start discussion on this oft taboo topic.

@Brett: haha i absolutely love my pyjamas! they were made my grandma in a wonderful labor of love :) and not to very comfortable too. LOL! i had to google image ugg boots; you're a brave boy for wearing those ;)

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