Monday, October 26, 2009

The Sick Puppy and Weekend

The poor, stubborn Davy is very, very sick at the moment and is quite dead in bed so please go over and spoil him with lots and lots of hugs and positive thoughts - or you could comment on this post and I'll force him to read it. He's really very sick, so some positive words might help! :)

I spoke to torchy yesterday on msn for the first time and he is a top guy! Just very down-to-Earth and friendly! I also had a chat with James and Brett who then introduced me to his creepy friends. Apparently one of them is my stalker - Brett's told me I have an online stalker who admires my achievements but I thought he was lying. I'm scared.

It's only been a month and I've got 20 clueless followers! I don't know if its a good thing or a bad thing. I'm constantly worried someone I know will find me.

Aussie slang of the day: arvo = afternoon


torchy! said...

top guy! lmao - i had you fooled! lol - just kidding. i am really :D

i really enjoyed the chat with you too. hope we can again soon.

thnka for the mention! and thanks for not mentioning the pervy bit :P oops


B. Kushner said...

I like your choice of words, lol. I personally don't find Canadian vocabulary to be very exciting myself. The eh also gets annoying, eh.

Anonymous said...

I think you should be excited to have this many followers after such a short time! You're doing well and people are discovering your voice. Keep it up!

Brett said...

Hahaha - oh gosh. Sorry?

Please tell me they didn't add you.


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