Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Who Am I?

After much pondering, I gave in and registered myself in this slightly vain but weirdly interesting thing called 'blog'. Don't get me wrong, I am no stranger to blogging, but I'm as foreign to this whole idea of anonymous blogging as I am foreign to moose and bears (being in Australia).

I must admit that reading some brutally honest, highly addictive and pretty inspiring blogs like mirrorboy's and Dave's had an indirect influence over my decision to start this blog.

Now, here comes the dilemma. What the hell do you write on your first blog post?

After much thought, or some say procrastination, at work, I thought a good place to start is right from the beginning. Well, d'oh.

So I am going to start with identity - who am I?

I've been intrigued with the whole idea of identity for a while now. Not so much the word itself, but the whole implications of identity. It makes or break a person. We all want to have an identity or two. We want to be a part of something - I am a football player, I am a university student, I am or I am a geek.

Identity connects us. It also classifies us sometimes. People come to know you straight away when you have an identity, and for a very long time, if not for the rest of their life, they will come to know you as that very person that you identify yourself with in the first place.

Our identity is also shaped by our circumstances. Everything around us from the place we live, grew up in, people around us and things that, most of the time, do not matter. We try to be someone that our environment, our surroundings influence us to be, and sometimes, it turns out well, but sometimes it doesn't.

People without an identity will do a lot of crazy things to find one, and having work with many marginalised young people, it breaks my heart more times than not when people reduce to unhealthy ways to 'gain' an identity - to fit in. Because we all want to fit in, we all want to feel a part of, we all want to feel connected to and we all want to be in a group or a community. Believe it or not, no one enjoys being the weird one out or the outcast.

So back to me.

Who the hell am I? Growing up, I was a filthy boy living on a farm in a developing country and my parents worked their arse off to make ends meet. I am lucky that I still get the luxury of 2 meals a day, but that comes with consequences of having to work on the farm all day under burning heat. Then I lost my identity for a while and then I gained back some. Slowly, I got more. Both good and bad.

But sitting in a group of professionals one day, I figured, screw this "I am ...." thing. Do we really need to tell people who we are in specific details? It's a bit of a self-promotion and that's not healthy to some. I found some young people who clearly found it hard to tell people who they are because they are ashamed of their circumstances. So I did quite a clever thing, which I will use here as well.

I am Aaron, and I am the coolest person you'll know.

That is all you need to know about me for now. :)

I believe this blog will slowly transform into one of my many identities.

This identity is like a canvas. I want you all to be a part of this canvas, so rather than me giving you a canvas that I have partly worked on, I am going to start fresh and new. I am going to be blank canvas and I invite you to join me as we work on this brand new canvas of mine.

So, tell me who are you and who do you want people to know you as?


Dave83201 said...

Hooray! I get to be the first follower and the first to comment. I'm sure I won't be the last by a far shot! Congratulations to you for the first post, and I look forward to watching this blog develop.

Also the title makes me smile!

pathetic prophet said...

I'm 67 years old, but I don't feel it. I'm gay but I don't live it. I'd rather live in 14th century France but I'm stuck in a dull town in central Illinois. Well, not stuck, but don't want to be any place else right now. I'm Christian but not religious. I am a living contradiction of every label ever forced upon me.

Anonymous said...

I want people to know me as James the merciful, James the compassionate, James the loyal, James the Great. I might have to conquer most of Asia Minor and some of India to earn that last title.

Anonymous said...

nice introduction ... now I have to spend a few hours reading everything that came after this :-/

Aek said...

Hmm, I wish I only started reading your blog from the beginning sooner. But now's better than never!

As for my identity, I'll let you figure it out - though you know me fairly well by now, I think.

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