Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Disappearing For a Bit

I am going to disappear for a bit as I juggle 5 balls while riding on a one wheel bicycle. Two conferences, three different cities, three different time zones, two deadlines, two meetings and shitloads of optimism to keep me going all happening next week. I have a feeling that I might spontaneously combust into thin air. Somehow.

I've added a Chatbox on the sidebar so start chatting. Also, vote the poll.

While I'm gone for the next week or two, I will leave you in the intelligent hands of guest blogger Kayess.

I'm contactable by email (hopefully). If Kayess is shit, I give you permission to give him a hard time. But bear in mind he's a little boy, still in high school so play nice.

Dave knows where to get me and Mirrorboy and Brett has my mobile number, so if you are desperate to hunt me down, get one of these guys to track me down.

I need a muthaflippin holiday.

I just realised that posting a seductive picture of a beach when I'm Almighty stressed is not the best idea. It becomes stress x envy. Bad stuff.


Remember Ron from my previous post? He's started blogging - go say hi and be nice to him.


Have I told you to chat in the Chatbox and vote in the poll?

See you all soon - unless I lost my motivation to blog. 28 posts, 1 month 4 days, 31 followers.


Octavius said...

28 posts, 1 month 4 days, 31 followers.

Finding that you can't pay for anything on Mastercard..., PRICELESS!!!

See you soon...


Anonymous said...

Well I think this will be a good way for us to get to know your guest blogger more or in my case at least

Seth said...

Don't leave us for too long!!!
Have a safe time, etc.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I do not envy your schedule. But just keep your head up, maintain that optimism, and you'll get through it somehow. Wishing you the best until we hear from you again.

Brett said...

Keep in contact,


B. Kushner said...

Conferences in cities with different time zones! Way to go! The only conference I've been to was at my university. It was analogous to camping out in your own backyard... not exactly like real camping. All the best to ya!

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