Friday, November 6, 2009

Do You Wanna Have Sex With Me?

I was waiting for a bus in the city one cool night in September. There were a young Macedonian guy and Polynesian girl at the bus stop talking about what they've bought and started singing some 90s songs. I cracked a smile at their silliness and care-free attitude of judgments.

The girl then started chatting to me - let's call her Kris - and the guy told me that he saw me on Facebook on my mobile earlier. I just laughed and said I was. Coincidentally, we were on the same bus and whilst on the bus, he asked for my number because he reckons it'll be cool for us to hang out on Saturday night. I did not give him - I don't feel quite comfortable giving my number to random stranger. However, he asked if I can add him on Facebook, which I agreed so I added him on Facebook.

He messaged me when I got home and told me that they were both from northern Queensland - born and bred there and have never been away from home and they have just moved to Brisbane a couple months back. They're still creating their social network and invited me to their place to hang out on Saturday night.

So, I did and when I was there, he introduced me to his boyfriend - which I was quite surprised that he was gay - and the four of us just hung out, had wine and chatted.

He then asked for my number again and I gave him. Over the next month, he kept texting, I went to their place once more for his boyfriend's birthday and I thought there was something going on with his text messages (hint: flirt); but, he's got a boyfriend!

I have been pretty busy lately and have not been very good with replying to messages. Of course, he had to text me at this time (earlier this week) and I forgot to reply! He caught me on Facebook on Tuesday and we chatted for a bit.

He then asked: "Heyyy, can I ask you something? Please don't be weirded out. Would you have an affair with me? I think you're really really cute."

Photo credit: coldpants


Like wtf!

Seriously, what do I say to that?

I didn't reply. I just laughed. See the thing is, sex is all good until when other people's emotion is involved and I don't think it is in any way fair for his partner; and how gutted would his partner be to find out. I'm not good with sharing my love one either.

Most importantly, there was no chemistry, I did not like him in any sexual way at all - one hand can't make a clap.

After a few mins, I replied: "No thanks. I think you're a great person but I think its wrong on every levels especially towards your partner".

He didn't let me go. He went on to ask what I thought about him, and I told him that he's a caring and great friend (which he was).

I told him I respected his honesty to ask me, because nothing means MORE to me than love, honesty and trust. Conversation ended.

*wipes sweat*


Octavius said...

Tight spot, good result.


Dave83201 said...

Very nice! The guy got a look at the irresistible Aaron, and what else could he had said?

pathetic prophet said...

Awesome response! Says a lot about the kind of person you are: considerate, level-headed, ethical. And obviously cute too. Lucky guy you finally end up with.

Cooper said...

very cool response.

Anonymous said...

What an awkward situation, and what an agreeable resolution! Bravo for tackling a sticky setup with tact and grace.

Anonymous said...

Hey like is it really your job to look after his relationship with the person you call his boyfriend?

I don't think so! Not unless your friendship was clearly with both of them pretty equally. Are people not allowed to have open relationships?

But you are right in that if you don't fancy him then it's not going to happen - so it doesn't matter whether it would upset some other person (his 'boyfriend') or not.

I just have a different view, OK?

Aek said...

Wh- what? A curious twist there. Though, who can blame him? You are pretty awesome and cute. :-P

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