Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bookselling Drug Dealers

This post is by guest blogger, Kayess.

The last week has been absolutely hectic (probably due to poor time management skills) with a bunch of essays and labs and other bits and pieces that needed to be handed in. Most of the work for this week has been completed and all that's left is a Math test on differentiation on Friday. SAT results came out towards the end of last week and oh-my-god, fuck me sideways and upside down. The results proved to be too mediocre and I guess this means I won't be applying to the USA for colleges; I find the system way too complicated for my liking anyway :(

Not much has been going on in my life these past few days. It's pretty much similar to the life of Brett where nothing much happens except for school and that always proves to be rather boring and dull to write about. There're a few 'social' things coming up near the weekend - a pimps and hoes themed party AND the burning of our extended essay - and I'm still not quite sure which one would be best to go to. I'm trying to go to a few more parties than I have last year which will hopefully be helpful in being more comfortable around new people; socially awkward is my middle name and I don't generally know/ talk to half the people at parties. Life is pretty much epic and amazing now 'cause the parents have left me home alone for the next week and a half meaning that I'll have a great degree of freedom and independence (PARTY AT MY HOUSE! lol) and walking around the house naked is now possible.

I'm now talking to one of my friends about marijuana and (because I'm a totally innocent delicate gay boy) he's telling me lots about the drug that I didn't know about. For example, I now know that it costs just over USD5 to buy enough weed to make 10 people high and that the people who sell them can be found all around town; they disguise themselves at booksellers. Yeah I know, I'm still trying to get around the irony of it too. Haha I'll try and pay more attention to them the next time I'm in town. Don't worry though, I'm still innocent (?naive) and have yet to be seduced by the vices of marijuana and complete inebriation even though the temptations are everwhere. Though availability of drugs is high, there's not really much of a drug culture (within my school at least), in the sense that everyone gets ridiculously high and wasted every weekend, and I'm thankful for that :)

And to end... how was your experience with drugs and parties and alcohols during high school?

Satisfy my childlike curiosities and have yourselves a good week!


Anonymous said...

oh-my-god, fuck me sideways and upside down

That sounds like fun lol

I don't have issues like this at my school it's pretty good here

Brett said...

I know someone who deals drugs.

I definitely don't do them myself, but I know they aren't hard to come by - kind of sad really.

Aaron said...

The person above me is lying - I know he does drugs.

I think with everything that harms your body - drugs, alcohol, even medications (also drugs) - if you need to try it and is curious enough, its best to make informed decision rather than doing it just for the sake of doing it.

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