Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ohhhh Mamma Mia!

This post is by guest blogger, Kayess.

The school's production of the Mamma Mia musical is finally out so I decided to go watch it with a friend last night. With shows like this, you only appreciate the performance if you have friends/family members in it. It wasn't the best show I've seen, but the performance itself was absolutely lovely though especially since so many of my friends and peers were part of it and seeing them make fools of themselves on stage with horribly cheesy choreography was worth the watch and it turned out much better than expected anyway; the production showed a sneak preview of their numbers during assembly last week and it lacked the enthusiasm and spirit necessary for a musical. The acting was dubious for the most part, but the singing of some of the female leads was commendable.

The realities of living in a developing country struck midway through the Dancing Queen number in the form of a black out and as I was sitting next to the tech booth, you could definitely tell that something was going wrong and it wasn't planned. Frankly it was the best part for me not because I'm a sadist (which I AM lol), but because although initially stumped by the setback, the entire crew and cast CONTINUED through with the performance in the dark! There was a minor pause as the lights went out, but the orchestra continued playing from memory and the performers continued their number in typical 'the show must go on' showbiz fashion. For amateur performers and crew, I thought it showed incredible maturity and solidarity as well as good handling. Power came back 10-15 minutes later and all was good. Haha sadly, I didn't get to see my friend actors after the performance so I'll have to congratulate them in person on Monday for the good show :)

The taxis taken last night to and from the theatre were horrid and were the only things that spoilt my evening. I got cheated/lost 3 taxis* in a row and decided I'd just walk home from one of the lakes near my house (about 1-2 km away). I think the walk was enough to calm me down from the frustrations of the night and I ended up walking around a park for a while anyway. The combination of solitude, cool air and the gentle breeze provided a calm within me that made me feel complete and satisfied. Hardcore's my middle name, so I started petting some person's rottweiler for a good 10 minutes and then decided to go home at around 10 ;D

I now want a dog.

Stay safe babes ;)

*Taxi 1 got me lost, Taxi 2 ripped me off and asked me if I wanted to "booom boom" which translates to "sleeping with a whore", Taxi 3 was lost partly due to my poor pronunciation of local words *sigh*


Ron said...

lol petting random dogs.

yeah, developing country :/ but at least you can sorta appreciate what you already have. i really should do that more often myself. I live in (and always have lived in) the developed world... and i still complain so much.

if i could rewind and go back as a kid in middle school or high school, i might give stagecraft a try. if i had a bit more confidence.


Ron <3

Ron said...

and lol at the reasons why you lost your taxis.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ron about the taxis that was funny

I kind of wished (sometimes) that I joined theater seems quite fun.

START YOUR OWN BLOG KAYESS I want to learn more about you

Brett said...

Ohh, sounds like fun.

I've been to plays before, but never one put on by people I know. My friends are training for a production now, but that isn't on until next year.

Oh, and are you serious? What kind of taxi driver asks that? :|

Brett =]

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