Saturday, November 21, 2009


This post is by guest blogger, Kayess

I was at a friend's fun and innocent 17th birthday party last night and it seemed like the level of bromance was particularly high. It's actually pretty amusing seeing as some of my faghags/girl friends commented on how the dudes in our grade are "borderline gay"; too much irony when I'm around!

It's funny, I think over this past few months, I've gotten way more hugging and other (non-sexual) physical contact than I've had over my entire life. My family isn't exactly one that is touchy-feely and it seems to be that maybe I've been missing that aspect of life.

Hugging and just lying around with other people is perhaps, something so simple, but it seems that the level of emotional comfort is provides is so vast. Yesterday, when I was lying around on the ground and hugging a bunch of other people, I felt safe...I felt wanted..I felt satisfied.

I was on a sofa during the party and this guy decides to sit on me butt-on-crotch and all. Sure it sounds sexual, but it was nothing of the sort. Something more of a platonic/brotherly love would describe the feeling of him being on me for the 15-30 minutes or so.I did manage to feel his pecs up and stroke his face though. Creepy? I THINK NOT! I'm not really attracted to him anyway so it doesn't matter if I molest his chest :P

Somehow that got me onto thinking more onto relationships and how I'll most definitely look forward to one in the future. Of course I want one now, but current circumstance just makes it difficult and unlikely. The degree to which I feel a need to be in a relationship though seems to vary with the day and that's just something I find odd; maybe it's the hormones haha. Apart from wanting to eat and sexually devour any prospective lover, the sense of connection, comfort and security will be most definitely the other things I will look towards.

The party was only down the street from my house but the parents were all RAHRAH! about me getting home at 11.30. I swear to god, when my bro was my age, he was allowed out till a later time. I don't friggin get this double standard they impose upon me!! They constantly express their concerns about my safety but frankly, the country I'm in now is pretty safe and I'm not worried about getting mugged or stabbed to death by drunken chavs. Walkin home from that party, I was along a busy road and passed by 3 cops - the country's practically a police state - and they DARE imply that I could've been murdered and stabbed to death. Side question for the sake of my own sanity, how the hell should curfews be decided upon???

Finally, I should probably apologise to Aaron for being such a crap guest blogger and for completely shunning this place though he'll probably be moderately happy that I went to an Aussie university fair and looked at some universities as he suggested I should ;)

Stay safe and don't forget to look both ways before you cross...
and be home by 11.30pm ;)


jlo said...

hey there. I think that curfews should be based on the maturity level of the person. My 12 year old is allowed a little more slack than my 14 year old because he is more trustworthy. Right now the 14 year old has a problem being where she says she is going to be, so she has to be home earlier. I also wanted to send out some big HUGS to you.

Kayess said...

hey jlo!
*hugs* haha thanks for that. deciding curfews based on maturity level seems to be a fair way to do it and i'd very much like to see my parents use it.

It seems like you've a great grasp on parenting and treating your children in a manner that is mutually respectful and won't cause them to act out in rebellion! will you ever apply an absolute curfew on them i.e. NO LATER THAN 4am in the morning?

Anonymous said...

I kind of know how you feel about hugging someone and feeling close to them.
I had that happen to me at my friend's party.
It was a girl and she was sitting on my left side but when she got up I realized how much I wanted someone to love (a boy)

So yeah you are not the only one with that feeling
Ok see you later,

jlo said...

kayess, I don't think that I would ever apply an absolute curfew. If they are responsible enough to not drink and drive or ride with someone who does then I think that they should be able to handle staying out all night if at some point they chose to. I think that a lot of parents think that imposing a early curfew will keep teenagers from doing things like drinking or sex. But it has been my experience that anything that can be done after 11 pm can be done right after school or at 5 pm. Some people think that I am being to easy on my kids but as long as grow up to be respectful, happy and healthy adults then I have done my job. good luck with your parents and here are a couple more hugs

Ron said...

I don't mind being touchy feely with you

That ok? lol

Brett said...

See, most of my friends are girls. We get pretty up close and personal, and we're all comfortable with that.

Hugging, laying and leaning on each other. We're pretty open about it. I only wish I was like that with my friends that are guys!

As for the curfew issue, my parents are pretty lenient. As long as they knew where I am, they don't really mind what time I get home. Within reason of course.

Brett =].

(I proof read this and realised it's not the most coherent comment. Oh well - it's late.)

Kayess said...

@jlo thanks for the input. I'll try that reasoning with my parents but seeing as how we're not accustomed to talking about things, it may turn out awkward haha.

@Raybabe lol rawrrr ;)

@brett hahah your girl friends are awesome <3 hot dayummm haha u need to start to systematically desensitise ur dude friends from all the touchy feely i.e. stroke their arms in a playful manner and wink inappropriately to them ;D haha i'm slowly trying to do that with the entire grade level :D:D god that sounds creepy LOL

lucky boy with the curfew :P:P

Kayess said...

@ethan it's an experience that causes mainly joy but has a nasty aftertaste of sadness/emptiness/yearning and that's the thing that sucks the most. haha it'd seem slightly masochistic to want more of it but y'know...torture is fun ;D

masochism FTW

savante said...

Ah, I remember all the teen parties I went to. The things I should have done. Regrets!

BTW You did a great job guest blogging :) Perhaps time to write your own?

Anonymous said...

lol in this case the torture is fun

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