Monday, November 9, 2009

Utter Madness

I've been insanely busy at work, I even brought home my report to try to write it over the weekend, but with commitments like having to be a good friend and spend a whole day with a friend who just recently broken up, and being a good housemate chauffeuring my housemates for her Bridal shower, I did not get too much done. My supervisor will be so mad at me for bringing work home - our work has a non-spoken policy that no one is supposed to check work emails or do work after office hours but I really just want to get this over and done with.

My brain has gone into an insane madness I can even feel it - a feeling of light-headedness and surrealism every so often especially when I'm in a crowd.

Photo credit: Sebastian Fritzon

But there are things in life that ease my madness, that makes our days worth living and each day worth celebrating. There are people who makes our life richer and all the more meaningful.

I am incredibly lucky to be able to listen to some truly inspiring stories over the years working in the mental health field. However, over the weekend, a friend that Brett introduced me to a while back, let's call him Ron, took my challenge and went out to socialise - a first in a while. It seems ridiculous to many, but to me, its a heroic act that he managed to accomplish through his ugly world of depression.

I am also very proud of Brett for many reasons, but I shall not elaborate. His humility, kindness and beautiful, humble soul extend beyond his own self-recognition by a million mile. All I can say is this young boy, will hopefully one day be inspired and realised the true star he is, that I see in him. Kayess my guest blogger is another boy to watch out for as well - if my prediction is right, given the right support, resources and inspiration, this quiet sneaky ninja can be an incredible leader one day. I think many people overlook his intelligence because most of the time, he'd rather be talking nonsense.

LonelyBoy also did an amazing act and I really think he deserves all the positive comments he can get. It's people like him who manage to squeeze every drop of nearly dried up courage in himself to reach out that inspires me to no end.

I am also very lucky to have an incredible man who greets me every morning with "Good morning sunshine" and accompany me through my final 1.5 - 1 hour of work. He listens to me rant about my horrible stress and makes me smile with his silliness!

On another note, if you have 5 mins to kill, go over to smelly stinky (yes, double - that's how bad he stinks) Davie's blog and leave him comments abusing him!. I thought I managed to get rid of him, but clearly not - he's back. Dammit! It will make him a very happy bird if you leave him comments. Tell him he stinks. Sorry for all the strikes - I can't help myself.


For myself: I realised that I cannot be a superman and there are things that I can't do, and its OK not to be the best at everything I do. I said 'no' to an appointment this weekend just so I can have a proper rest.

For my love ones: I called my grandma and spoke to my parents over the weekend. My grandma was very excited to hear my voice, as grandmas usually do. I bought a chocolate for my supervisor, made coffee for my colleague and wrote my Research Assistant an awesome kick-arse recommendation letter. I would also like to think I was a good friend.

For the world: I carbon offset my flights to Melbourne next month and also my flight to Sydney in December - both for a meeting. I bought a homeless woman a Hungry Jack's Whooper meal last week after the movie's. I provided consultation to a small, up-coming non-profit on sustainable fundraising and their social media strategy. I helped a friend start an non-profit organisation last week and am now serving as an advisor to the organisation until they get some funding. Together with a group of amazing bloggers, we made Landyn's birthday extra special - at least I hope we did! :)

For you: A NEW POLL! Go vote!


pathetic prophet said...

Oh, to be so motivated to DO. There are so many things I want to get accomplished that I just don't have the 'gumption' to do. It's really cool to see someone so involved in living his life both for himself and others. Keep it up, and try not to get stressed when it all piles up at once.

LonelyBoy said...

Thanks man,
it's people like you who helped me grasp at the nearly dried up courage I had! Thanks for sticking with me! :)


B. Kushner said...

Are you still at a medical/research job? I think I read something about you doing something medical in a previous post. That sounds tough!

Dave83201 said...

Me stinky? Never! Here in America we have a saying "He that smelt it, dealt it." I think what you're smelling is a whiff of Aaron. LOL!

Take care buddy!

Anonymous said...

Hey Aaron,

Sorry to hear about the insanity at work. Just hang in there and keep your normal levelheadedness through the thick of things. You'll get through it. :)

Brett said...

I swear, you've got to be one of the nicest guys I know. Thanks for being there Aaron :).

Cool down - try to take a break from work. You deserve it.

Brett =].

Kayess said...

where did you learn to be this friggin sweet and cute huh?! thanks for havin so much faith and love for everyone :)

Cooper said...

i sure know what you mean about work my second job is driving me crazy making me drink more. im about to drop it for something else.

Aek said...

^_^ *Hugs*

No reason for any of that, just accept it. :-D

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