Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Greener Grass

Guten tag. Weis geihts?

I spent all day yesterday catching up on my over 1000 articles in my Google Reader, but even after going half way through my very long list, I am still at 1000+ which suck balls.

So at 4.00pm, I decided to go to a friend's place down the road from mine. The plan was to invade her house, steals her iPod and dock and some beers from the fridge and jump into her swimming pool, but the sky decided to pour! Not complaining, I love a good rain. Instead, at 6.00pm, I head to another friend's house, also down the road to have some beers, had some man-talk, more beers and sing our guts out to Bon Jovi - You Give Love a Bad Name. After which, we made pizza and then I headed out to meet another group of friends to watch Avatar 3D - easily the most epic film of 2009 hands down. And Sam Worthington is mighty hot.

I didn't get home until 1.00am and Nic harrassed me on Skype. I didn't know who he was - I've never even heard about him nor know his existence until our conversation on Skype last night. He added me on Skype a while ago. He called me on Skype, so we talked from 2.00am - 3.16am, whilst I was also talking to Octavius and Kayess. Biki also nudged me a little, but obviously I have two balls between my legs, thus consequently, I cannot multi-task. After Nic, Kayess made me talk to him, so I called him on Skype and we spoke from 3.17am - 4.25am before I announced that I am about to die in bed if we don't hang up, so we did and I literally fell asleep in 3 seconds.


I woke up at 12.00, went on to watch a travel show about Tahiti and felt a tinge of infection. My legs started twitching, my pupils dilated and my heart melted. It was the travel bug.

I have always been known to be an impulsive traveller, when my travel bug hits, I buy a return ticket to wherever I want to go within my budget of course, and off I go. Not much thought put into it, really. No planning whatsoever. My friends are so used to me like that.

However, this year, the Australian government loved me so much they gave me a visa that doesn't allow me to leave Australia at all, unless for business or personal circumstances such as death in the family. (Note for new-comers: I am not an Australian)

My left brain told me to book a flight to somewhere exotic like Samoa, Fiji or Tahiti right now, but my right side of my brain is insulting my left brain because on next Wednesday, I am off to Pottsville, a small beautiful pristine town on the East coast, in northern New South Wales. Unlike the Northern Hemisphere inhabitants (Read: American, Europe and UK) whose balls are shrinking from the cold, its summer here in Australia and the east coast of Australia, where I live is famous for the hot surfers pristine beaches.

My friend adopted me as a charity child for Christmas - hey, I am from a third world and its cool these days to adopt a child right? Mind you, I have hair like Maddox right now. I think I am doing him a favour for letting his family adopt me.

So I will be spending a week with his "bogan family" (his words, not mine. For the Americans, bogans is the Australian version of red-neck). But for the views like those below, I don't really mind the bogan-ness. I am sure my urban hippie-ness will be able to put up with them just fine.

Anyway, I am writing a Christmas cards for the two lucky guys who emailed me minutes after I posted my previous entry. Sorry to those who missed out!!! Perhaps next time? I am happy to send out postcards as well with pictures of hot naked surfers the beautiful Australian coasts.


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I upload quite a few photos on my Twitter, if that's any incentive.


Congrats to Dzyan for his graduation!!! One step closer to the "real world". What a wanky term, but that's what everyone says these days. Jeez.

You earned it! :)


Dean Grey said...


I hope you have a wonderful time!

Take lots of pictures!!


Brett said...

Oh! Now I get what you were talking about last night. My bad-

I feel kind of left out - I think I may have to get Skype, haha.

Aek said...

I have like, no money to go traveling, nor the time. T.T

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