Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Naked Cuddles

I am back from Sydney with a few interesting stories, but I thought I should address some comments from my previous two posts.

Brett and savante, yes, when I said you in the last post, I meant you two. :) I actually meant anyone who reads it to be honest and I know you guys do. :)

And fuck nuts, thanks torchy, Just, Octavius, Ron, Broderick and Brett for the nice comments in my second last post. And to KS, I am choosing LA - which brings me to the good news. I was told today that I got my free return trip to LA! More on that in another post.

And here's a shoutout to JC who emailed me. :)


So, I was in Sydney last week for a training and that was on Friday and Saturday. I flew in on Thursday morning with the intention of getting into the office and have a couple of meetings, but that did not happen. Instead, I was asked to jump on a cab and was driven to a golf course to hang around with some rich people at a charity event. It was lots of fun I must admit.

A friend of mine, Nate flew in a day earlier as well and we met up in the evening. We both checked into a hostel and then met with Brad for dinner. They are both openly gay - no, I didn't intentionally invite two gay guys out to dinner, Nate just wanted to fly in a day early and Brad just happened to be free that evening. They made a few jokes about me being the only 'straight' (as far as they're concerned) one in the group, which I make no replies to.

Long story short, dinner and chat until about 12am when we decided that we should call it a night. We walked back to the hostel where I had a shower before climbing into bed. It was a room with 2 bunk beds and there were another two strangers, drunk and deeply asleep in the room. I took off my T-shirt, pull the cover over and took off my pants, ready to lie down in my boxers when I caught Nate staring at me from his bed. I pretended that I did not see him, lied down and pulled the covers over me.

A few minutes later, he wrote on his phone, "Your body is hot!"

I gave a chuckle and close my eyes.

Moments later, I see bright lights and opened my eyes. He's shoved his phone near my face and it said, "I wanna touch your body".

I took my phone out, and wrote back "Go to sleep".

Then, he wrote back, "I'm horny".

I replied, "You are SO hitting on me right now".

At that point, as far as he was concerned, I'm straight and he wouldn't dare cross the line and harass me.

So there I was lying half naked under the covers with a million yes and no running through my head. Here is a guy who is presenting himself to me and if I would have listened to my hormone, I would have just got him in my bed right away, but no. I know that for the sake of my "branding" and "integrity", letting myself in would mean that I don't have self-control and I would lose quite some face value to him.

So after at least 15 minutes of physical silence while a storm of thoughts was brewing in my head, I gave in and wrote, "You can cuddle me for 2 minutes, but no touching anywhere waist down"

Within milliseconds, he was in my bed, under my covers. He was lying to my right and slowly, he rested his right hand on the right side of my chest. And then he moved, rubbing very gently and slowly to the left side of my chest, and slowly lifting his palm, leaving his fingers touching my skin. With the reduced skin contact, he tickled my bare torso from my chest to my stomach and on the way, used his index finger to rub on my very thin "treasure trail".

All those time, there I was, thinking, "Boy this is hot" but I wish my thoughts stopped there but instead, I also thought, "but this guy just.. doesn't do it for me." I don't feel attracted to him, there was no connection and I just didn't feel anything good at all with the whole situation. So after about 2 minutes (well, at least that's what I thought it was), I whispered, "Times up! Go back to sleep!" He refused but I repeated with a smile, "Seriously, Nate. Go back to bed" and he slowly move back to his bed.

I do love human touch. In fact, I love it more than anything else in a relationship (which includes friendship, parents-child, etc) and its probably the only thing that can reduce my heart to liquid but I don't know, I think with cuddling, rubbing and (good) tickling, I guess I need to have an attraction to that person. Have you guys experienced anything like this? Where you just lost interest in something you otherwise really enjoy?


Cooper said...

I like the touch I think not getting it when I was a kid and being with bad boyfriends that just wanted a fuck and then be done. The touch yes!

Mr. Urs said...

Being hugged is one of my most important needs, but I get goose bumps if somebody, I do not really like, tries to hug me.

naturgesetz said...

All I can say is, "Wow!"

Dave83201 said...

HOT story! And he's a lucky guy! You like good tickles and not bad? The difference between the two can be thin.

Happy to have you back Aaron!

Ron said...


Hmm. The human touch.

Yah, I think I'd like it too. But I have yet to find out!

- Ron <3

MartininBroda said...

At least you saved your integrity,
but I think this was right to trust your real feelings.

Brett said...

Aaron, you're getting more action than me. *frown*

We're going to have to talk about this-


Will said...

Touch is a vital human need. Then again so is sex. There's nothing wrong with a little recreational sex.

Aek said...

Awww, that was cute. :-)

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