Sunday, December 13, 2009

Random Updates

I am too lazy to reply comments one by one today. *Yawns* I'm sleepy, and lazy.

It looks like most people don't know what ranga means. Well, basically, if I can be stereotype, ranga is a red-head, with freckles and light coloured facial and body hair.


It's a sunny Sunday afternoon and I am feeling intensely sleepy and lazy. I have been watching Band of Brothers for the past 2 days and absolutely loving it - I cringed, I was at the edge of my seat, I laughed and I was feeling anxious for those fellas.

I spoke to torchy on Skype last night - like voice chat. It was really cool, especially hearing his accent. If you guys wanna chat, my Skype is 'beautifoolchaos' and if I'm on, I am more than happy to chat. :)

At this very moment, I am chatting with Lee on Google Chat. He promised to make me a big fat breakfast, with pancakes, lots and lots of crispy bacon, sausages and eggs when I come visit. *coughs* Well, he didn't really promise, but now that I've said it, he did.

Also, at this very moment, I am craving for some really fattening but yummy crispy bacon. *drools* Goddammit!

Favourite breakfast: crispy bacon, sausages and ham & cheese croissant. Don't have to have all of them in one meal!

What's your favourite breakfast?


LonelyBoy is going through a rough patch. Go spoil him with some love, please!


Ron said...

omg bacon is so yummy (especially nice crunchy bacon, and oh Canadian bacon too HEHE).. but it's so fatty, i'm probably gonna try to stay away from those haha.

but for breakfasts i do LOVE egg benedicts. they're SOOO SOO YUM :)

and yea i just added u on skype.

- Ron

Biki said...

Bacon is the only reason I can think of to get up early for..... checking, checking.... yup!

B. Kushner said...

Mmmm bacon! I love how salty and smoky it is! Although, I also really like sweet pastries for breakfast. Sugar and Maillard products are an essential part of a complete breakfast lol. Rolling up bacon in a pain au chocolat is probably very tasty too.

B. Kushner said...

Oops sorry, I sounded more pompous than I thought lol.

Anonymous said...

Panettone french toast with Applewood Smoked Bacon and Expresso.

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