Friday, December 4, 2009

Santa Came Early This Christmas

Cooper, I'm sure you'll meet someone who'll give you plenty of nice touch, massage and tickles one day. :) Just make sure you make the best of it when it comes!

Mr. Urs, haha. I get goosebumps when I'm tickled, but good goosebumps though. Those that makes you cringe but smile. :) And I definitely have to agree hugs are awesome! I love cuddles and hugs.

- haha! Hmm.. I guess its kinda wow, but its not all that great though!

, YES only good tickles and no, the differences are pretty big!!! Don't be sneaky I tell you. :P

, they're everywhere. :) You just need to be comfortable with people - a friend of mine and I used to have platonic spooning for a few days.

Martini Broda, I'm glad that you agree with me! And not think that I was mad. :P


Santa came early this year. Well, at least for me!

No, not in the form of naughty Santa, but Santa who gives you nice gifts.

Obviously, I have been nothing but nice this year, so Santa not only prepared a big gift for me, but he was so enthusiastic to get it to me that he braved the hot Aussie summer and sent it to me early this year.

Santa this year came in the form of a major international airline. Three of you guys, my readers, are my friends on Facebook and you might had me harrassing you to vote for me in a competition a while ago.

Well, the news came in this week that I was in the Top 10 and have won myself a free return trip to Los Angeles!!!

It's my first time winning a major prize, so I was quite majorly excited. It will be my first time in America, so I will be a total n00b. I hope you Americans are nice - I've heard nasty stuff about you guys! I'm joking! :P But seriously, I was told that LA is fairly unsafe, but hey, I'm risking that.

Now my problem is, I would love to get to Chicago and Atlanta for two conferences that I have got sponsorship too - its ridiculous how easily I can get sponsorship sometimes. I was also invited to visit an organisation in San Fransisco, when I met with the CEO a few days ago in Sydney.

Now, my question is, do you think its possible for me to fly LA - SF - Chicago - Atlanta - Chicago? And if so, what are the cheap internal airlines I can get? And any tips for fend myself against the crazy Yanks?

I swear I have nothing against the Americans! :P Vote on the poll in the sidebar!


Just said...

Southwest Airlines ... not sure about alanta ... if they fly

Aaron I mean fuck nuts , we Americans are something else, having other Aussie friends that came to American and being overseas ... We don't mean to be but are rude in public( we are a pushy and arrogant bunch) . Just remember getting customer service is well not going to happen in some areas... the south god love them are a little better on customer service... but the West sucks ... there are execeptions ... and we still are great people look at Dave wait ... sorry bad choice there lol Freaking Congrats to you too that is really awesome ... but why are you mixing pleasure with business ... shakes head ... anyway hope you enjoy you visit ... wish I lived in one of those areas... would love to have coffee with you ... I do feel sad for santa he only gets to come once a year ..... poor dude.... anyway anything else you need to know email and will do my best to help .... Glad your back by the way .... Happy Christmas ... Love Just

JC said...

Aaron -

Congratulations on winning your early Christmas present. I hope you will enjoy coming to America.

You know, I think America is a lot like many have your good and bad people. It is just all about who you meet. I have found wonderful people everywhere I have ever been in the United States. So, I hope you have a blast while you are here.

As far as airlines go on a budget, I always find my tickets on They always have some of the best flight prices I can find.

If there is anything you need while here in the US, you know where to find me.

- JC

Anonymous said...

I'm going to say congrats and leave flying to the frequent fliers (I have never even been on 1 plane)

Dave83201 said...

Look out! Aaron coming! Man, they let anyone into the country these days! LOL.


Kayess said...

haha be prepared for those 'random' searches ;)

Brett said...

Oh thank goodness, you're out of the country for a while.

Kidding! <3

Brett =].

Aek said...

Oh Chicago! I'm somewhat close to Chicago, if you end up visiting, let me know!!

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