Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why I don't like people posting pictures

I actually don't quite mind people posting pictures of hot guys in their blog, but there are times when I think its a bit too much, especially when 2 out of every 5 blogs I read are filled with pictures of guys with perfect hair, broad jawline, muscular or thin, blonde hair, blue eyes and have abs. It's not so much because I am jealous or anything, but I think its seriously skewing the stereotype of hot guys even more.

1 in 10 people with an eating disorder in Australia is male.
Body image is the highest rated issue that concerns most young Australians.
And everyday, we hear about kids exercising too much or too little, and young men worrying about big biceps, big penis, beer bellies, man boobs or stumpy legs. Young men worrying about their weight, size and/or shape.

I know I am being controversial and I am going to attract a few people who is going to hate me, but trust me, I am not targeting at anyone in particular. I am well aware that most people who post pictures of semi-naked, near perfection guys without consciously realising that they are fueling the existing male body image that has been silenced due to stereotypes.

You can argue that posting pictures like those won't have any effect, but an overwhelming number of research has supported the claim.

I am challenging bloggers to think twice before posting semi-naked, near perfection worship-able guys on their blog. Break the stereotype and embrace what's natural and realistic. Look beyond our perception of real beauty / hot guys and think to ourselves about the guys around us, and what makes them beautiful too.

So, for those of you who are chubbier than most others, think that your freckles are disgusting, your stumpy legs make you look short, your hair is a bunch of mess and that your eyes would look hotter if it was blue, reflect on what about your body that you actually love. Your beautiful smile or your functioning body parts (*coughs*). Beyond your appearance that you loathe, what about you that makes you unique but at the same time no different than others around you?

And if you hate parts of your body, you are definitely not alone. I hate my skin very much (I wish it was smooth) but it doesn't bother me too much. It doesn't make me any less human nor does it make me any less functioning, compassionate and nice.

Fuck stereotypes.


Ty said...

dont hate you man...n you do make some good points there

it does make me think and that is a good thing


Dave83201 said...

LOL... poor Seth Rogan. His pic makes me laugh, and that is an attractive thing.

Anonymous said...

I think that is funny you mention that and under your posts you might like category is a hot semi attractive guy from your "I went on a Date" post

Maybe you need to try looking for different blogs to read b/c I don't have that issue

Biki said...

Not only is it perfect body parts, but what I also find bothersome, is the lack of a variety of skin colors. Why is that? To me a handsome face, and a pretty body come in all colors, and shapes, and they don't have to be perfect either. Ehhh, just my two cents.

Brett said...

I do often post pictures, but I don't know if they are of perfect guys.

There are a few of my posts however, that I'm not sure you would approve of, haha. I can see your point, and I'll certainly think twice before posting that kind of stuff again.

I'll just have to keep the shirtless guys to myself =P.


B. Kushner said...

That's a really good point. A funny personality or a kind heart can be more attractive than just a perfect body.

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