Saturday, December 5, 2009

Xmas and the New Year

This post was written by guest bogger, Kayess

It's finally December and it seems that Christmas and the New Year is fast approaching.

The school decided to force us to watch Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol in theatre form this afternoon and I'm sorta actually glad they did. Lotsa singing, great acting and a nice change in pace for a Friday afternoon, whilst introducing some important themes (shut up I know I'm dorky :P). Most important idea for me was that of time. Ebenezer Scrooge is introduced to three ghosts - the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come - and collectively, they play a large role in showing the effect time has on changing people's nature and character. I'm beginning to notice the effect of time on myself in terms of my mindset especially after being exposed to newer ideas and experience since moving here. I'm not necessarily sure if this change in mindset is a 'good' thing or a 'bad' thing, which A Christmas Carol makes a distinction of, but expectedly, time will most certainly tell.

A friend messaged me at 12am on Dec 1st, telling me that there's only a month left to 2009. It took me a while to process that and the thing that struck me most about that fact, is the reality of how fast time passes by. If you put it into perspective, it's just under a month left 'til 2010, the start of a new decade. It felt like yesterday that we were panicking about the millenium bug and merrily welcoming in the new millenium and I'm surprised at how fast time has flown by. Granted I was about 6 when the millenium came in, but I do still have some memories from my childhood! I'll likely be doing a reflective post on the last decade soon and I reckon it'll be a cool thing for other bloggers/readers to do one just to see how much has changed.

Whoa. Too much focus on time. Someone call for a time out ;)

It's 10.44pm and I'm sitting and cringing here in my room, watching images of self-inflicted torture, or as National Geographic and its participants call it, body modification. I mean I've seen this program before, but never to the gruesome level of today's gory depictions of bodily mutilations. WTF people?! I'm not usually one to judge but..WTF?! I've seen surgical procedures on TV before, but seeing someone go to a macabre parlour of sorts to get their tongue split (like a friggin snake) with scalpel and blood and everything has seriously done me some serious psychological damage for tonight! And it's not just that! They go on to show some weird eye-tattoo shit with a tattoo artist using a hypodermic needle to dye the whites of a person's eye with black ink all without anaesthetic D: Haha I probably now sound like a traumatised whiny kid so I shall stop.

Stay safe and punctual

Ironically, I celebrate neither Christmas nor the New Year. Also, don't forget to read Aaron's post below!


Ron said...

dude i thought your blog post would be about something else. i've heard enough about such self-mutilations as you've already describe them ahhaha..

but like I said, those are not surgical procedures. Surgical procedures (in my definition at least) use operative and instrumental techniques to correct pathologies.

Those people you're describing are obviously not trying to correct anything lol.



Ron <3

Just said...

So not for me , Kayess. Especially the eye thing oh no way .... Man time does freaking fly by , and it goes faster the older you get. Why you got to cherish the time you have. Funny how many years we lose just sleeping. Just

Kayess said...

@ron hahah i'm guessing you're not gonna become a cosmetic surgeon then? and nope i don't really celebrate either..not a christian AND it's just a one or two month wait to splurge and welcome in the better new year - don't even deny it :P

@just haha (some) tattoos are hot but like..please don't tattoo your eye, penis, etc. D: thanks Just, I'll strive to make more of the opportunities of the present

Brett said...

Holy crap, talk about bringing out old memories xD. I remember the Y2K scare - how lame.

I'm now sufficiently grossed out for the night, thanks.

Take care,
Brett =].

Aek said...

I agree with Ron above. It's crazy what people would do for aesthetics.

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