Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1 month ago

Since disappearing for a month, I have...

- tweeted more, including more pictures of myself and my life.
- got a new job and quit my current job. Quite painful to say goodbye to my colleagues and super awesome boss.
- had my heart broken.
- kissed a boy.
- went on a cruise.
- met a really nice guy.
- fell in love.
- had my fair share of cuddles.
- went on 3 dates! All of them were good but none of them I wanted follow up except one, which is still pending.
- attended a wedding.
- spent a whole morning lying on the beach soaking up the sun talking sex with Spanish girls with my new housemate.
- offered a 2 weeks job in San Fransisco in April.
- invited to a Summit in Chicago.

- spent more time with people who matter to me.
- spoken more to bloggers who hold a very special spot in my heart.
- received at least 10 comments, and 21 emails about me stopping blogging.
- been asked, "When are you coming back to blogging" by Dean and JC everytime they email.
- realised that Lee love me more than I realised! Such a big, loving daddy.
- met the mega energetic and adorable Brett and the walking, talking hilarious actor extraordinaire and (I can't believe I'm using this word) fabulous Jacob.
- watched 8 movies at the cinema.
- went to the gay capital of Australia (Oxford St)

In the last month, I am...

- still spending my life by myself, although that's partly my own fault.
- still not living up to my goals of reducing work hours! I have appointments from 8.30am - 9.30pm this Saturday and 11.00am - 7.30pm this Sunday.
- still pretty much dorky and sarcastic.
- still alive.. I think.

How about you?


Just said...

Damn right I love ya man . glad your back ... glad your dating .. you know I just what the best for you ... and you know I do love you .. sorry can't turn the daddy part off ... not rig that way ... hoping for better for you man ... remember man baby steps and quit knocking your self down damn it ... Your Awesome and your trying dude ... so give your self a reward

Just said...

lol oh yeah .. Welcome back ... forgot since I tweet I still seen you ... lol but yeah welcome back fuck nutts ... lol

Anonymous said...

Aaron it's been a while since had a FULL conversation

I know no more about you now then I did 1 month ago.

Hopefully we can fix that but until then don't go crazy being so busy

Aek said...

Wow, you've been super busy! Maybe that's why I haven't seen you online in like, forever. o_O

I hope you do return to blogging, and that things calm down for you a bit (though, I think a part of you secretly enjoys this fast-paced life, lol).

Octavius said...

Loving the fact that you are posting again..., that's how I am!


MartininBroda said...

Hi Aaron I would like to make a witty and profound comment atm., but unfortunately I’m a bit busy myself, weird excuse I’ve never made such comments. You’ r indeed a lovable small big person and I like you a lot and wish you all the best. Oh btw. I’m fine.

bK said...

It's so great to see another post by you, Aaron! Kisses and cuddles, oh my - you have been busy! Y'know, the less you work, the more you can cuddle lol. Maybe that will be an incentive for you to reduce your hours. :P

JUSTIN said...

Awww Shit, you dropped the "C" bomb! Hope you can make it to my neck of the woods...

Tyler said...

sounds like fun :P

Brett said...

You've been gone for a month!? Jeeze, I'm glad we kept in contact - haha.

Funny, I think you've posted about as much as me, even while on break =D


Dean Grey said...

He's baaaaack!!

Does this mean you'll be blogging again on a permanent basis, Aaron?



Aek said...

I guess I'll answer your question now. In the last month I've:

- translated for a Chinese woman at a free clinic
- had coffee with a cute guy
- went out to breakfast with my anatomy lab group after our exams
- went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch with a few friends on Chinese New Year
- played some of poker (but lost all but one game, where I got 2nd)
- can't remember what else happened . . .

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