Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Keep Tyler in Your Thoughts

I remember the day my uncle collapsed of a heart attack. I was 14 and as my family rushed to the hospital, I remember seeing my unconscious uncle's limp body, and feeling absolutely helpless.

Today, Ryan updated us on Tyler from I'll Do Tricks For You's progress.

Tyler was involved in a car accident and has been put into an induced coma so that he can heal. Induced coma is sometimes necessary to reduce the swelling of the brain when the brain is injured. It's usually the last resort in an attempt to reduce brain swelling.

I think back to the time I felt helpless when my uncle was unconscious, and I believe this is exactly what Ryan is going through right now.

It is obviously a very, very difficult time for Ryan, Ty's brother, so I thought I'd encourage you all to drop a positive message at Ryan's blog - to both Ryan and Tyler. Ryan will read messages to Tyler to him, and although induced coma decrease the metabolic rate of the brain significantly, it does not shut down the brain, thus I believe Tyler will be listening.

If you're a religious or spiritual person, keep Tyler and his family in your prayers and thoughts.


Just said...

Huggs Aaron ,,,,,, Sorry you had to come back to post that ... so wish it for something better. Ty is great sweet caring person. So is his brother Ryan.... One thing that has impress me about that family is the love and support they shared.... with each other . I know one thing with that kind of love and support ... it heals.... keeping him in my mind and thoughts .... Come home safe Ty... Lets fly them signs man ... Love Lee

Bubby said...

Sorry to hear about ur friend. Your blog is great and I really enjoy reading it as i look for inspiration for my journey that I now find myself on.

Wishing u all the best

Ryan said...

hey just wanted to say got your email and answer u back. also i posted on ty and his update after trying to sleep and couldnt i had to do another post. i wasnt hurting the dick heads that said mean things i was hurting ty's friends. so i did another post about his update come back check it out think u will be happy.

Dean Grey said...


What a sad thing, isn't it?

I'm glad to see you blogging again though!


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