Sunday, February 28, 2010

All Day Sleep in Brisvegas

I flew out of Borneo on Wednesday afternoon, arriving in Singapore at dusk. With a head still overwhelmed by the weeks that were, I headed into the city straight away. I checked into a cosy, little hostel where I met a bunch of very friendly Irishmen, 2 Australians and 2 English.

One of the Australians turned out to be a very close friend of a friend of mine. Much like the case of Brett, whom I found out a few months ago to be a friend of a very close friend of mine! Aaaahh.. Small world.

The Australian added me on Facebook almost right there and then. The group then convinced me to go partying with them which I refused but after 20 minutes of non-stop pestering, the ten of us headed to a club. I was still mildly hungover from the free flow alcohol from the night before at a pool party.

At the club, Australian Boy followed me around as I explore the club whilst the others were smoking. I danced at the top floor for a bit before returning downstairs and Australian Boy followed. Later, we couldn't find the rest of the group so we took a seat, and after much in-depth conversations, Australian Boy asked me if I "swing both ways"? I laughed and asked "why?" and he said because my Facebook relationship status says that I'm married to a boy. I told him that was part of a joke, but admitted that I do "swing both ways".

We left at 4.00am. I woke up at 11.00pm, had breakfast and headed to the airport where I took a 6 hours flight into Perth. My friend picked me up from the airport at 11.00pm, and we spent the day on Friday having awesome breakfast, exploring the Swan city and chilled at the beach. I then took a horrendous 5 hours flight at midnight back to Brisneyland (or some call, Brisbane).

I arrived in Brisneyland safely in one piece early yesterday morning and slept my way through the day. Uni and new job starts tomorrow, and I am flying into Sydney tomorrow evening for an event.


Aek said...

Woah, you have such a crazy life! I don't know if I'm envious/jealous or relieved, lol. You gotta get your sleep though!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Aek
Take care and good luck with it all

Stephen Chapman... said...

I would need to sleep for a week after all that.

Brisneyland - excellent name!

Edward said...

i commented - happy now?

and yes, sleep is the tits.

Dean Grey said...


Shame on you for not taking any pics and posting them on your blog!


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