Friday, February 19, 2010

The Swedish Boy

Dean emailed me threatening me that if I don't update anytime soon, he's going to kick my butt.

I've been home in Borneo for the past 2 weeks, and if you've been following me on Twitter, you'd know that I brought home a stranger I met at Singapore Changi Airport with me.

After 2 days spent packing, loading, moving and unloading; and 1 day spent washing and scrubbing every surface and corner of our old house, I was anything but alive. So, after a 6 hours flight, a 3 hours wait and another 7 hours flight, I found myself in Singapore at 3.00am ready to collapse and die. And that's what I did at a dark, quiet corner of one of the world's largest airport, Changi Airport in Singapore.

I woke up at 7.00am and trained it down to the city to meet a very good friend for brunch and a good catch up before training it back around 12.30pm to the airport. In the train, was a backpacker who was at least 6'5" and very cute too. Reaching the airport, I hung around Terminal 2 before I went down to take a bus to the other terminal. There I met him again! This time, he smiled and so I smiled back and we got talking.

Within 15 minutes, we were joking, laughing and exchanging words like we've been friends since forever. He's from Sweden. 21 years old, spent 2 years in the marine and decided to take a 5 months holiday around Asia and the USA. We found out that we're on the same flight, so we checked in together, got lunch together and pretty much did everything like we were backpacking together - looking after each other's belongings while the other go to the loo, ordering food, etc.

So, in exhausted state of mind, I asked Swedish Boy if he had any plans, accommodation, etc and he answered no to all of them, so I asked him if he wanted to spent the evening together? We got in at 4pm, and he said yes. So my parents picked us up, and I introduced him as the random traveller I met the airport and my mum made a crazier move and invited him to stay over and that's what he did. His initial plan of 3 days became a 7 days stay at my place.

From the moment he arrived at my house until the day he left, we were spending literally 24/7 together - sleeping in the same room (different beds) and doing everything together. We didn't kill each other, so that was a good thing; in fact, we got even closer and came to a conclusion that we would be close friends if we were in the same city. He even shared some dark secrets he felt comfortable enough to share with a stranger that he probably wouldn't meet anymore - except his temptations on Sweden is making me itching to move to UK sooner.

Throughout the entire week we:
- went to my Aunt's parents place where I spent a good period of my childhood, right in the middle of a raw rainforest. I introduced him to all sorts of exotic fruits, we climbed trees and showed him a cocoa tree. I then brought him to a resort up in the hills (it costs hundreds to get in but because part of the land it was built on belongs to my family, I get in for free) and trekked the second oldest rainforest in the world. We also chilled at one of the waterfall just pondering on how lucky we are to be swimming in cool, clear water.

- went caving - crawled through two caves. One of them a huge, majestic (almost pandora-like) hall. On our way home, we met some professional rock-climbers from Singapore and we did some real rock-climbing.

- we got smashed at a local club with a few of my mates. At one point, we went topless, so the DJ from Australia also went topless and got all the men in the club topless. This is not a gay bar - there's no gay bar in my town.

- woke up late. Grabbed the cooler bag and went to buy all sorts of junk food and drove to the beach where we laid there talking for 3 hours, then went swimming and skim boarding for another 2 hours.

- climbed a mountain. It was really challenging and at one point, I considered quitting - my muscles were giving up! Even the marine also thought about quitting, but we did make it to the top. Saw a number of monkeys swinging around.

- explored the city, took the long boat ride and tried out all sorts of local delicacies and fruits.

- went to quite a few bars throughout the week.

Swedish Boy left on Thursday morning, still drunk to fly to a remote area of Borneo. I flew to North Borneo three days later to visit my family, and Swedish Boy flew in at the same time as me so we got a car and drove straight to my uncle's. He booked us a 4 star hotel in the middle of the city.

Swedish Boy spent another 3 days with me exploring Niah Caves, one of the few important prehistorical sites around the world. For the rest for the 2 days, we spent visiting my family members and most of our evenings are spent chillaxing on the beach. We also got drunk one night and tried to pick up some chicks. I managed to pick up one but she was so into me, I freaked out at the last minute and ditched her. I felt horrible but she was all over me!

It was hard to say good-bye but we did and meeting him has made the idea of moving to UK for 2 years to work and holiday sound even sexier.


For the record, Swedish Boy and I never did anything naughty together, nor did he know that I'm at least bisexual. He's as straight as an arrow.

All pictures belong to me... but I lost my camera during our mountain hike.


Anonymous said...

gosh! that just sounds so amazing and exciting :) glad your hols are going well and dudeeeee we needa catch up soon ;) have a safe rest of the journey <3


Anonymous said...

So that's your excuse for not blogging? Conducting a straight boy around your hometown!

Aw well - better luck next time. You should get your gaydar working perhaps! Sounds like it was fun anyway.

Aek said...

Hmmm, I didn't know that you/your family lived in Borneo. I suppose I should go all the way to the beginning of your blog and see what else I missed, lol.

It sounds like you had sooo much fun. I'm quite envious of you. :-P Take care, and I hope to chat with ya again online sometime, it's been way too long.

Aek said...

Okay, so it took me most of my day (time which I probably should've spent studying . . .) but I FINALLY caught up with all your blog posts. Now you should blog a bit more often this year. ;-)

Dean Grey said...


Wow, what amazing shots! I'm so jealous yet glad you made a new friend!

Hope you two keep in touch even though the distance will be a challenge for you.


bK said...

Southeast Asia is amazing, heh? I haven't been there in awhile, but your pictures bring back a lot of memories!

bold said...

New friend = cool
Straight as an arrow = boring. lol

But, still, maybe you can turn him? (i'm joking!)

talk soon

Anonymous said...

Hey glad you had fun and it's always nice to make a new friend

Sucks about the camera though

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