Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome to Freedom

Many would remember ranga boy, which I blogged about a few months back. I would link to that post except I've taken down that post because ranga boy now knows my blog address. Ranga boy is Nigel by the way. :P Hi Nigel!

Being my gay mentor/devil, he invited me to a gay night at one of the local gay clubs. If I was superstitious, I would not have gone. Here's a list of reasons:
- I was still sick.
- Just when I was about to call the cab, it started pouring.
- I left my I.D. in my bag and its at work so I thought I'll forget it and not go but Brett convinced me to.
- I drove 20 mins to workplace but half way through the rain and strong wind my wiper stopped working and I can't really see the road so I had to stop at the roadside. It started working again after about 5 mins of me panicking.
- I kinda am not sure how to get to my workplace driving, so I got lost for about 5 mins.
- Half way through a suburb, there was a blackout, including the traffic lights so I can't see anything!

But anyway, it was a good night. Guess who's songs got played the most? She's the new gay icon after Kylie Minogue.

I arrived, Nigel came out to bring me in and introduced me to his very super awesome friends. I was well nervous and all giggly - I giggle and laugh a lot when I'm nervous but he convinced me that it will all be OK. He was drunk though so wasn't sure if I can trust him. Then he dragged me to the dance floor and screamed to me, "Welcome to freedom!"

I grabbed a few drinks and had a good time! And that I did. I wasn't drunk though.

This is the club we went to - its called Family.

To sum up:
- It was a very beautifool club.
- There were lots of gay couples together and its very cute!
- Nigel and his boyfriend grabbed and pashed me the whole night.
- 2 lesbians thought I was cute and kept sandwiching me.
- No one touched me inappropriately. Thankfully!
- I dirty danced with a girl - this is my comfort zone. I always dirty dance girl (never dirty dance guy). She was very nice and sweet.
- Umm.. a few guys wanted my number but I didn't give out any.
- I arrived at 10.00pm and left at 1.00am.


To reply to a comments from the previous post:
Just - Nah, don't worry man. I am taking a month break it'll all be good. :)

Ethan - We sure haven't had a proper conversation in a long, long time and I apologise for that. I am very seldom on msn these days but I do hope to catch u soon! :)

Aek - Thanks Aek. It's going to be a lot crazier this year juggling full-time work and postgrad uni. 2 of my lecturers say I would stop working within 2 weeks.

Octavius - You're the only one who replied my question and thank you so much! :) Truly appreciate it.

MartininBroda - Thanks Martin. That's very, very kind of you and means a lot.

bK - Haha. Never enough cuddles man! Never enough!!

JUSTIN - The "C" bomb indeed and I really do hope I can make it! I'm still keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

Tyler - I was going to make a witty comment to you but I give up.

Brett - Well, you're shit anyway. :P I'm joking! Blog more you poohead or I'll blog for you. Again. Hehe.

Dean Grey - Thanks Dean. :) I guess it'll be semi-regular.


Brett said...

Haha, oh jeeze. I laughed my way through half of this post. I should feel bad, but I don't =D.

"Yes you did, Nigel!". Mmm, I lol'd. /lame.

"Well, you're shit anyway. :P"
Oh really? Maybe I should re-blog your original post about Nigel =D

Biki said...

I agree with Nigel, Welcome to freedom! Life is a banquet and most people are to afraid to partake. Go! Do! Be brave!! Enjoy!

Only want you happy fella, that's all i really want.


bold said...

i thought for sure i commented on your last post...but apparently not...hence no reply to a comment that i didnt even make. wait, i'm confused?
haha, cool that you 'got your gay on' shall we say? hope everythings good and ill definitely talk to ya soon!

Tyler said...

im really happy for you ^_^

by the way, what exacly makes a club "beautifool"? :P

Aek said...

I'm glad you had fun. :-)

Alas, clubs usually aren't my thing. And I can't dance. At all. Or at least I feel super super awkward doing so. :-/ So yeah . . .

Anonymous said...

Nope we haven't

AKWARD!!! Though it was predictable so you are at fault a bit Aaron

Anonymous said...

that sounds really fun

bK said...

That's quite a night dancing/being intimate with both boys AND girls!

What a peculiar name for a club. Maybe it's a sign that you should bring your family to the club too lol.

Dean Grey said...


I'm glad you had a fun night and that you're blogging on a semi-regular basis!


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