Monday, March 29, 2010

Announcement by VBoy

My name is VillageBoy and I am here to set something straight...
Aaron posted on my blog that I do not like him :( I have no clue why he comes to this conclusion...
Of course I do like Aaron! Why wouldn't I? What's not to like about Aaron? He's an awesome person with a fantastic personality! I can keep on talking with him for ages and we get along so well!

Aaron, I really like you! *hugs*


PS: My blog isn't dead (yet) :P but I am really busy with exam preps right now. After April 11 I will blog again, so if you wanna read :P *advertising mode off*


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your exams V Boy.

btw Is A that nice?

Aek said...

Woah, blog layout changed again. You wouldn't have had anything to do with that, would you Vboy? ;-)

It's nice, but some things don't quite fit on the page anymore.

Anyway, best of luck with your exams and such!

(Also, how do you all have each other's passwords to blogs and such?! o_O)

Village Boy said...

@Micky thanks, hope it'll work out ;)

yeah, he is really nice!

@Aek nope, the layout change wasn't me, but now that you mention it ;)

hmm, dunno... due to some unexplainable reasons I got an invitation to contribute here ;) maybe Aaron likes me. I have no idea why :D

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