Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Ambitious American Trip

So, this is where I need all the help of the Americans reading my blog. I have a pretty ambitious trip coming up, in fact, its happening next week! I am being sent to American (quite literally) next week and my itinerary is as follow:

Brisbane - LA: 30th March arriving 1st April
LA - San Fransisco (SFO): 1st April or 2nd April
SFO - Atlanta: 6th or 7th April
Atlanta - Chicago: 12th or 13th of April
Chicago - LA: 18th April
LA - Brisbane 18th April

That is, apparently, a lot to cover in a slightly more than 2 weeks duration. Most of the trips are paid for and I have a reason to be at all the above mentioned places, except LA really. My sponsored flights fly me into LA, thus that's where I'll be.

I have a few questions I need some advice on:
- Should I stay in LA for a night or two or straight to SFO? If so, what should I do in LA?
- What are some of the things I should eat or visit when I'm in all, if not, some of the places mentioned above?
- Should I fly from LA to SFO (1.5 hours, about $180) or should I take the bus (7.5 hours, about $25)?
- Do I have any readers from the cities mentioned above, other than Dean Grey and Justin both in Chicago? Anyone wants to catch up while I'm in your city - get in touch with me!


Aek said...

Woah, nice!!

I think you should spend at least 1 day and night in LA, just to get a feel for the city. 2 might be nice too. It's been YEARS since I last visited LA, so I don't know what there's to do there (but there are lot of bloggers in/near that area).

If you don't mind taking a rather long bus ride, it might be a nice way to see the scenery of CA on your way up to San Francisco. I rather like San Fran. Definitely go to the pier and the Embarcadero, really cool place to just walk along and such. Touristy stuff as well there, and the seafood is pretty good (there's a place with good bread bowls, so check that out - people will be talking about it). Chinatown is a blast.

I don't know what's in Atlanta, other than the CDC, lol. And I think the Olympics was there once, so you can check out that stuff.

Chicago is fun, depending on what you like to do. There are 2 Chinatowns in Chicago, both worth a visit. The lake-front is really nice. Navy Pier, the museums, Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium, etc. Downtown Chicago is also really nice to just walk around in. My roommate said there's some park that was recently built . . . I want to say Millennium Park or something like that. I wish I could meet you in Chicago . . . hmmm.

Anyway, send me an email or something!!

Biki said...

OH! You are going to have so much fun! I would suggest you visit here
We have used this site many times, and on one trip only ate at restaurants we found on there, and every meal was a good as the reviewers said! They also have a what to do tab, so you can get a better feel for the place before you visit. Man, i sure do wish I lived in the states now! Have a super nice trip Aaron!

Ron said...

hope u enjoy your trip

Planetx_123 said...

Yes Aek is right-- there is a park in downtown chicago called millennium park that you should definitely check out. You can see the bean!

Also, while you're there you should at least walk down Halstead street (the gay street) and see the huge pillars with rainbows that show how the gays conquered the street (lol).

I love Chicago, and would move there if I could.

In Atlanta, the world of Coca Cola is a neat touristy thing to do. If you like bohemian culture and shops like that-- check out Little Five Points. There is also my favorite gay strip club there (well its the only one ive ever been to at I sound creepy!). It's called Swinging Richards.

I have only been to SF and LA once. So I don't have a lot of advice. I mean obviously you have to see Castro street (gay street) and Haight Ashbury as those are really famous.

I hope you have a great time!! Why are you going? Just to travel? You said this was sponsored? How do I get sponsored to go to Australia!? :-)


Anonymous said...

Definitely spend at least 1 or 2 days in LA but I would try to locate yourself in Santa Monica or Venice so you get some of the beach life. And you need some time to check the nightlife out for sure. If you had an extra day I would definitely recommend a day trip out to Catalina as well. If you like art check out MOCA and/or the Getty Center.

While the bus drive might seem romantic - in order to maximize your time on the ground I would just fly to SF. There's a ton to see and do there - you might want to just get a good guidebook. The Crustacean is one of my all-time favorite restaurants in SF (Nob Hill area)

Atlanta is a bit blah. Try to avoid Buckhead and all the corporate stuffiness there - I like Little Five Points. Buckhead Diner is a great restaurant (ok, so I'm a little hypocritical)

You could spend a month in Chicago and not get it all in. Field Museum is Fantastic, Lincoln Park is a great neighborhood (Cafe BaBaReeba is a good tapas restaurant), catch a baseball game at Wrigley Field if the Cubs are in town, or just wander around downtown and take in the sights - the Navy Pier can be fun for people watching. Topolobampo is a GREAT Mexican restaurant and Spiaggia is fantastic Italian food - great views of the lake from here too

Have a great time!

Dean Grey said...



You're covering a lot of ground aren't you?

I'll be e-mailing you about what to see in my fair town, the Windy City....AKA Chicago!


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