Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Ride Begins

So, I'm all packed and ready to board my plane, except my plane isn't until 4.30pm tomorrow. I fly into Sydney, and then from Sydney to LA, which takes about 19 hours all up. Due to the time difference, I'll arrive on a Tuesday at around 7pm.

I'm staying in Hollywood and planning to take it easy for the night and just go have a walk around.

You wouldn't believe this but I literally almost jumped out of my seat when Doug said he'll get me free entrance to Disneyland. Later, he told me the pass also lets me get into Disney Adventure Park for free too! Honestly, I don't know how to thank him enough for his overwhelming generosity!

I remember when I was young, I used to dislike my parents because we were so dirt poor we can never travel and Disneyland was like our ultimate dream.

So I'll spend the morning with Doug before he goes to work, and then spend the day in Disneyland and Disney Adventure Park. Also a mega thanks to the smelly monster, VBoy, who reminded me that Doug's in LA.

I'm taking the bus up to San Francisco (SFO) on Thursday noon, arriving in the evening.

So I thought I'd take a leap of faith and disclose an information that might help you identify me. I am going to SFO because I am working for an organisation that you might have seen on TV ads and billboards recently. The mega campaign sponsored by Ad Council was launched a few weeks ago and it went nuts, so I am flying over to help. The campaign was called, "We Can Help Us" and it links people to "www.us.reachout.com". Many would know that youth suicide is a topic close to my heart. I really can't wait to get my hands down and dirty, doing something I absolutely love and actually do my small bid in helping reduce America's very frightening statistics of youth suicide.

Follow Reach Out's Facebook Fan Page, or to support what Reach Out does, you can donate here.


If you have left a comment, I should have replied to your comments via email - I try my best to reply to everyone. If I missed anyone, please don't feel bad to give me a nudge.

I met up with Tommy finally. Considering that both Ed and Tommy were so stressed, and I was too but I think I have better time and life management skills *coughs* I organised for us all to meet up. I introduced them to the world of free stand-up comedy at the Powerhouse, one of my favourite things to do! :)

If you haven't already, go follow the overly sweet VBoy (refer to previous post).


Edward said...

good luck for your trip man, you're an amazing guy and you'll defs make a hell of a difference :D

take care. Ed xxo

Anonymous said...

You lucky man
lol have fun

bK said...

You're so popular all over the world, Aaron! Have a great time!

Village Boy said...
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Village Boy said...

Looks like Doug made a small boy really happy with this :) I am happy for you and I hope you will enjoy Disney *jealous* especially since you have been waiting for it all your life :D

On the other hand I also hope that your work is going to be successful. Ah, what am I talking about. They'll greatly appreciate you input :) I know you can make a difference, as Ed already pointed out :)

Some advice for your trip: take lots of pics, don't forget to tweet and most of all have a lot of fun and don't get stressed out by work!

Thanks for all the mentions... damn, I must have left a good impression ;)

not smelly, but kinda geeky monster
VBoy :P

Aek said...

I know you'll be on a plane right now (and you'll be in the US by the time you read this), but I just wanted to wish you a safe flight and a great trip here. :-)

It's good to know bloggers from all over the place, hehe. It makes traveling that much more fun!! Hopefully we can chat and work something out the closer you get to Chicago. :-P

Dean Grey said...

Let the adventure begin!!


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