Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So Much Crap

I have so much crap going on its driving me nuts and my brain feels like its about to explode - no joke! I don't think I have felt this stressed in a while now - the last time would be when I was sick and diagnosed with "psychologically stressed".

At one point at work on Monday afternoon, I buried my face in my palms and just moaned to myself, "What the fuck did I get myself into?" I am working two jobs, one too easy it doesn't even seem like working. The other so busy, but so flexible I couldn't quit! I am still running my organisation but have hired a full-time staff which is good but having to meet her once a week and delegate jobs properly and to review almost anything and everything is not helpful to my craving for free time! We just interviewed a few uni students and we've got a new intern working with us next month, so that's exciting.

Uni has been crazy as well with two major assignments due this week. I was stressed and to add on the stress, my supervisor emailed me last night to tell me that I need to lecture a class today.

The only time when I was not holding a pen and a journal article, reading for a prolonged time other than at work and in class was last night when we had Poker's Night where I invited a few of my friends over and with my housemates, we had lots of beers, wines, chitchats and a grand time playing poker. The boy I'm seeing, Gabriel, came right after class and I know this is weird but seeing him joking and talking comfortably with my housemates warms my heart. I left them as I prepared dinner and did my homework. After poker, again I had to do my work so he was forced to drink and play games with my housemates. It sounds silly but its so heartwarming to see him mixing comfortably with my housemates. And I feel really lucky that not only were my housemates so supportive over my coming out, but they were also so accepting of Gabriel and comfortable with us together - although we weren't even at all lovey-dovey.

Gabriel initially planned to stay over but I kicked him out after we spent some time together in my room. No, I didn't kick him out - I was too busy preparing for the lecture I had to deliver the next day so he decided to give me the space to concentrate and think that I desperately need so he went home.

I'm going to have to stay up until late tonight, or forced to wake up at 4.00am to complete my critical review. I have a class at 8.00am tomorrow, but once I submit this piece of assignment tomorrow, I should be sweet as.

I also got invited to Bacardi Express tomorrow, so Gabriel is coming with me and hopefully we'll have some good time grooving to La Roux and other Aussie artists Yves Klein Blue, Art vs Science, Miami Horror, Cassette Kids and DJ Sampology.

But for now, back to work! Luckily there's a certain cookie monster that will accompany me!


It's really modestly exciting to get so many comments from new readers in my previous post! It's always nice to hear from new people, on top of the amazing and always inspiring comments from the frequent readers.


Planetx_123 said...

Well there's just a mix of ups and downs in this, eh? Yes that's awesome about your housemates -- it warms _my_ heart just to hear about it :-)

Good luck on your uni related things. I can really empathize with the two jobs + school stress. I've been living that life for almost four years now... hopefully it will get better soon (for both of us) :-)

Much Love,

Dean Grey said...


At least you have some really wonderful things in your life to help cancel out all the sucky ones.

Be glad about that! Not everyone can say that. I know I can't.

And I just ADORE the song "Bulletproof"!

I've heard it several times before and didn't know who the artist was....until now!


Aek said...

Wow, don't go insane now!! Best of luck dealing with everything, I can't imagine dealing with that kind of stress right now.

*Hugs* You'll pull through. :-)

Tommy said...

He planned to stay over :P
Does this mean you've gone past just holding hands?

You haven't replied to my email either (dont worry i know you're busy)

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