Thursday, April 1, 2010

Los Angeles Hook Up

I am super tired right now so this is going to be short.

I met a super duper nice guy today. I've been following Doug's blog for a while now but never really left any comments until a week back when I was planning my LA trip. VBoy reminded me about him being in LA and so I contacted him and we decided to meet up.

Things led on to another thing and we... did things.

Happy April's Fool Day.

Doug, I'm sorry I had you to use you because I couldn't think of anything else to play a prank on. :P


Doug said...

Well we sure did things alright!

Aek said...

LOL! Well I hope you two did things together. You know, Disneyland and all. :-P

Anonymous said...

"Things led on to another thing and we... did things."

If you had said "one thing led to another" I would have bought it but I didn't though I admit that was a good one lol

Dean Grey said...

Dang it!

I soooo fell for that one, Aaron!


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