Sunday, May 2, 2010


Atlanta has the most complicated airport system, and the slowest airport security I have to say. The first thing that struck me when I arrived in Atlanta was the Southern accent! It is a weird experience because usually, the only place we hear a Southern accent is on TV, so that was a funny experience!

I have to admit I didn't do much in Atlanta because I was there for only 4 days and I was stuck in a 4 star hotel the whole time! I was at a conference and the conference goes until late in the evening usually; however, I did meet some really awesome, awesome people at the conference - some of which I have been working in collaboration with at the moment.

It was a tech conference and mainly for professionals, so the majority of people there are obviously well-established and rather "old" so it was nice to meet a few young faces.

On the first day, I chatted with this lady from a huge company that does job listings in the USA. I actually didn't know what she does initially. We just started chatting after I asked my friend what were those yellow stuff in the sandwich, which she overheard and replied that its a very Southern cheese. We went on to talk a bit more and later in the afternoon, she told me to come visit her at the booth, which I did and she handed me two tickets to the Atlanta Braves vs Chicago Cubs! I love free stuff - that was pretty cool since I've never got anywhere near to a baseball stadium before let alone baseball game.

It was a cool experience. I brought my friend along, and she brought me beer - guess what beer she bought? I know you Americans wouldn't be proud. I had Budweisser.

To set the record straight, Budweisser to Americans is like Fosters to Australia. Although Fosters is popular as an Australian beer, no one in Australia drinks Fosters! We don't drink Fosters, in fact, not a lot of Australians know about the existence of Fosters!

The closing of the conference was held at the World of Coca Cola which was an incredible experience. It's almost like a Coca Cola museum, except a whole load cooler. There's a 4D theatre, a screening theatre showing all the Coke ads from around the world, a museum and a tasting station where you can taste over 60 flavours of Coke drinks from around the world! The organizer also put on a band and had Atlanta's top patisserie chef to make desserts throughout the night! Oh, I got drunk too. :P

I spent the whole night on my last day talking to two incredibly inspiring people who were doing amazing things! One lady was raising money for kids with Congenital Heart Disorder in third world country to have surgeries and another developed a software that I believe will change a lot of organisation's ways of communication. Without any sleep, I packed my bag at 5.00am and left for the airport to fly into Chicago - one of the most amazing experience for many reasons!


Aek said...

I've never been to Atlanta, though I have a friend there right now. Perhaps I should make it a point to visit sometime.

JUSTIN said...

Years ago I was stuck in an elevator in Las Vegas, and I had a huge ol' can of Fosters in the. A few floors up a guy gets on the elevator, looks me dead in the eye and says "even we Aussies don't drink that shit". Noted.

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