Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Join the Fan Club

I don't have much update to be honest.

For those who don't know yet, I have just recently started teaching at a high school. Well, its my 4th week now and I have built a very strong rapport with my student - some, too good in fact. 

Some of my students decided to create a Facebook Page for me, which is kinda cute and funny.

I've got students (both males and females) hitting on me in their naive and childish ways. If that's not bad enough, the deputy principal asked me to watch out because "some of the girls have some serious stuff going on for you and Nick." FML.

Nick's my colleague who's 21 and we're both prac teachers from the same university. We've been hanging out quite a bit lately, mainly because we're both two of the loudest and happiest teachers around. Everyone else is just always grumpy and agitated. Nick's a metrosexual and ridiculously good looking.


Nathan hasn't been feeling too well, and he's been away at a conference and currently traveling which mean I don't get to speak to him much. He's also been having a hard time, which kinda disturbs me. Hmm.. It seems childish but its weird how one significant person's well-being can affect your own life so much. Ha! I actually miss him.

I've received quite a few emails recently, so here's a shout out to Dean for his courage - what you did is incredibly brave and is a huge step into something that could potentially change your life for the better for the rest of your life.

To Ethan who hasn't been doing well lately. Mate, you've been juggling quite a bit so its always good to take a break and just find some me-time to recuperate. :)

To In Search Of for his very beautiful writing and his shout out to me. I love reading In Search Of because he is always rather honest in what he write and he string their life in words really well.

And Bold for making a whizz-bang comeback to blogging which I have a feeling it is going to last only for a week and then he's going to run hiding in his anti-social shell again. :P The challenge is on, mate.


bold said...

oh it's on now dude!

Aek said...

Lol, I didn't know you were teaching high school kids. Does it surprise you that they're smitten with ya? It doesn't surprise me. The Facebook thing is cute, lol. Is it a fan page for you or something?

Hope everything's going well!!

bK said...

That IS so cute that you've got a fan page on Facebook! Teenagers don't impress easily, mind you!

Anonymous said...

Thank Aaron for the shout out you are the best

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