Monday, May 3, 2010

Shits Happens

I would blog about Chicago right now but I am just not in the mood. It's funny how little things can keep me awake all night and put a downer to my otherwise fantastic day.

Yesterday, I was having one of the most relaxing days since I was back in Borneo three months ago and it was all well until I opened my work email and there it was, an email from my new supervisor. I started working with her this year and I was totally excited about what we were going to do together but she has been too busy to even answer a few of my emails and my questions, hindering me from proceeding with the projects. When I got back from America, I emailed her to ask her for progress and she replied with an email about me not letting her know that I was away.

I admit that I didn't tell her I was away because I was in a rush, but she follows me on Twitter and would've known, and secondly I couldn't have done anything without her replies to my emails. She still haven't answered my emails replying with her classic lines of being busy and will get back to me asap.

Yesterday, her email was to a few of my colleagues with me CC'ed and she pretty much explained her increased workload and my extended disappearance has caused her inconvenience. It was uncalled for and it actually made me feel crap. I was going to reply explaining my circumstances, but in the end, I took the bullet and just apologised for my disappearance and am happy for someone else to take over the project if deemed needed. Sucks balls. %^&*

It's something so petty but I hate being wrong or wrongly accused. I try to uphold my own values and I don't think I have failed and it sucks to be accused like that. I actually didn't sleep well all night just thinking about it - its so stupid yet I couldn't control it! Hmm.. And I had to pretend I was happy all day. I hate being such a perfectionist sometimes. And reading this just makes me sound rather immature, but fuck you for judging if you are.

Rant over - hope I can move on after letting this out of my system.

I am probably quitting the job after this month.

On another note, comments have been far and few so I'm just wondering if you guys are still reading and not commenting or is there a reason for the lack of comments? Like, if everyone hates me now. Eeks!

Also, if you want me to like link you on the blogroll list, let me know. I don't bite, promise.


Nic said...


Don't let other people bring you down.

Dzyan said...

Sorry to hear about your trouble with your new boss, seems like things should be talked and explained, you shouldn´t stay with your mouth closed and your arms crossed just listening what she wants to tell you, you´ve got a voice and you´re not acting as you usually do, the Aaron I know is stronger, more passionate and intelligent, so don´t let her bring you down, you had to go to america, so what? can´t she understand that? then *uç# her, you´re her co-worker, not her slave.Hope you feel better soon tho, that´s the only important thing, I know you can do it Aaron, man, I know you can do pretty much everything you want. Love ya boy.

Ooh, and about the comments, I´ve been away for a REALLY long time, and if people don´t comment... well, same reference as to your boss.Anyways, don´t let it bring you down and have a peaceful night and rest :)


Mr. Urs said...

One of the first lessons I learnt about being a boss is: Do not de-motivate your staff! This is probably the most important and also most difficult task of being a boss. I've failed numerous times.

Phunk Factor said...

I agree....when someone did you wrong and then doesn't bother to even accept their part of the mishap then screw them!!

Not literally...but at least let them know of the bullsh*t they caused! U shouldn't keep mum about these things, buddy....or else ppl will make a habit of walk all over you! ;)

Taylor said...

hey bud hope things work out at your job, if not then best of luck finding a new one. I've had a few crappy bosses over the years, sucks but eventually you'll find a great one

Aek said...

I still read! You've been posting a bit infrequently (except very recently), maybe that's why? Idk.

Anyway, your boss sounds like she needs to better organize herself. Would it be a good idea to meet with her face-to-face and just throw it all on the table? Or would that just drive her into some kind of rage?

It'd be sad to see you stop working on something you've put a lot of effort and energy into, because someone else dragged you down.

bK said...

Firefox doesn't allow me to post comments for some reason, but I still read your blog! :D I can't stand being wrong (when I actually did do something wrong) or being wrongly accused. She seemed pretty dim to have totally missed out on where you are lol. Don't worry too much about it. Little things like this also keep me up at night. In hindsight, I should have just forgotten about these small, insignificant things; although, it's easier said than done for the perfectionist type. I hope you'll have sweet dreams tonight!

bold said...

I don't hate you (much)
I'm just my lazy ol' self....but I always read


Anonymous said...

I am reading:)

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