Monday, June 14, 2010

The American Boy I Was Supposed to Meet

The past week has been rather interesting and tiring I have to say. I really cannot wait to get this prac (as a teacher) over and done with. I do realised that I am quite unemployable if the organisation / business that I work for is highly structured, top-down, tribal and controlled. Google should hire me.

I caught up with quite a few friends this week, which is a huge achievement I have to say since I haven't caught up with quite that many people over the last week!


A few weeks ago, I allow you guys to ask me any question you want by submitting your question / topic to blog about on the right sidebar. The next entry says:

how there was one american boy who you wanted to meet when you came here but couldnt. And then you claim you want to talk to him again but your never online.

Talk about him. He seems like a really cool guy :p

which is exactly what I am going to blog about although I have to beg to differ to what was written. :P

I know instantly who this person is. I actually have a lot of respect and admiration for this American boy for many reasons.

I almost met this American Boy during my trip to the USA because I had a few days to kill before I head to Chicago from Atlanta. However, this boy decided that I wasn't cool enough thus, didn't want to meet. :P OK, that wasn't the truth. He had exams or assignments due, and I didn't think flying to the city we were going to meet for only 2-3 days was worth the travel, thus the plan was cancelled.

On the claim that I want to talk to him again, this happened back in February. However, this American Boy never called nor show up on Skype, and then made the above claim. :P I was on Skype almost the entire time between February and May except when I was travelling. I think Village Boy can attest to that - unless he's gang-ing against me. :P

Having said that, this American Boy is probably one of the most courageous and compassionate guys I've know. The adversities that he had to go through, including circumstances he cannot avoid really made him the person that he is today. His courage, determination and perseverance in turning things around makes him a very well-respected person.

Sure, he has moments when he doubts himself, but hey, who doesn't. It's part and parcel of being a typical imperfect human.

His compassion for humans blows me away. He is a guy whom I would describe as an activist. If things aren't OK, he's not one to close one eye, put on an ignorant mask and walk away. He will get his hands down and dirty to do the job and fix it. If he can't fix the situation, he will do what he can to make the situation better.

I have to say there are things that he do that annoys the hell out of me. Like arranging to Skype but then he'd bail on me! I did wrote about how much that annoys me. Also, he can hide his emotions pretty well.

But having said that, his intentions are clear. He's one of the very few bloggers that I have high admiration for. :)

He's none other than Drew from A Murder Of One. Go harrass him.


Next blog post or, if I can't be arsed to write, audio blog, is ... about my cute face.. ?!! What?!! I think I know who this came from.

Then the post after that is about my ideal guy - even if just a shag. Hahaha! Whoever wrote this, you are fucking classic, mate.


Anonymous said...

Teaching practice - teaching what to whom? ? ?

HMG said...

Okay umm lol just so you know that was not me...I think. mean i do not remember asking that question, but yes answer it and post up a picture of your face for a short time, i mean PLEASE!?! Like wow i know you will have a great face and even if you do not, which is improbable (okay jk), I really do not care. You are and amazing person, a great blogger, and you have a really nice personality and voice that should appeal to anyone, well at least in the States, i mean we LOVE the Aussies and the Brits. But still just saying it was not me, but I cannot wait!

Village Boy said...

I can attest to Aarons claim that he has been online in the stated period. We've been chatting pretty frequently back then ;)

About the question of you showing your cute face... *looks around innocently*

Drew said...

Well first of all thanks for the post. When I sent that to you I didnt think you'd actually post about it :p

And we talked about all this last night and I do feel bad that I "stood you up" basically but it wasn't intentional and I didnt know it bothered you that much.

I'd never hurt you intentionally.

But you still are a jerkface for posting this :p

Aek said...

Dang, maybe I should get on Skype more often. The only person I talk to on Skype is Ron from "I'm Keeping Score." o_O

You are never online, btw (at least, not when I am). :-/

Jason Shaw said...

Interesting post, both sides of the story. Hugs

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