Friday, June 25, 2010

Are You My Ideal Guy?

What is it with people assuming that I am good-looking and cute without even knowing how I look like?

As health as it is for my ego, I think its a bit of a big assumption. :) Looks like no one actually saw my picture before it was taken down in the previous post.

Also, I want to add that I have met Tommy before, and Drew has also seen a pic of me. I didn't know these two still read my blog. :P Sorry!


The next in the series of topics my readers (that is YOU if that is not obvious) has asked me to blog about is my ideal guy - "even if its just for a shag".

This is difficult because I can't even tell you my ideal gender, what more to say guy or girl.

Here is my attempt, but keep in mind, this isn't set in stone and this is in an imaginary world, assuming all things are perfect. Also, I am a highly indecisive person so what 'works' for me now probably will not work for me in 30 mins time, so this is most accurate at the time of writing - which is 4.48pm on a beautiful Friday afternoon.

Before you go on, you also need to keep in mind that this is not talking about you, so if you find it offensive, understand that this is about my preference - I am not having any views about anyone if they are not what I described.

I want my men to be perfectly cook - never over and never under. Confident, elegant and is a people person. My man has to be able to hold intelligent conversations with me and my friends, and be able to put up with my stubbornness. He has to have enough confidence and intelligence to tell me I am wrong but softness to have certain things my way. And being gentle in handling the whole situation.

I date man for a reason - because I want my man to be man. I know this can be fairly controversial and a bit of a sensitive issue to some, but this is just what turns me on. I don't mean a masculine, macho, alpha-male who kicks balls and work the tools (get the dirty thought out of your gutter mind), but someone who is not overly feminine, high-maintenance, loves shopping and carries a handbag. Having said that, my man has to have decent fashion sense though - not into fashion but at least he wouldn't dress up like a fucking bogan. I love bogans and their care-less attitude, but I can't put up living with one 24/7 or have someone swearing their guts out when having sex.

My man also cannot be overly desperate and immature because that definitely turns me off. Even if you're friggin' Matt Damon or Brad Pitt, if you're desperate,  my cock goes beyond placid for you.

My man has to be genuine, honest and man enough to admit faults. Tell things as it is, caring enough to think about my opinions and feelings if we have contradicting views and able to agree to disagree in a mature way.

Oh, and he has to spoil me - not like a fucking Princess but at least allow me to know that I am unique and special to him.

Now, if you're the one, fill in the Application Form and the selected candidates will be notified on 25th of July 2010.

Application Form removed.

If you think you're not the one, then can you please promote it on your blog, send it to a few friends and get the right players to apply?


If you have any topics you want me to blog about, this is your chance to get me to spill the beans - unless its overly sensitive. Fill in the form in the sidebar and I'll write the post as soon as I can.


Taylor said...

Top/bottom eh? No option for gay virgin... Guess I disqualify myself. :)

Winter said...

im 16 so i guess i dont qualify.. sigh :( good luck on your quest anyway and hugs!

WkBoy714 said...

Interesting form :P But I neither qualify :(

Dean Grey said...

Sorry Aaron!

While this was a cute post, I know from experience that having too many "rules and regulations" can make you appear standoffish and not accepting of other guys....which turns off other guys!

I'm not saying you are, just saying that's how it comes across when you start writing down lists.


bK said...

Uncanilly enough, your description of the ideal guy more or less fits mine. I have no idea where to find someone like that, and I, myself, hardly meet these criteria.

Anonymous said...

You travel too much so even if I did pass your test it would be a pain with you gone a lot

Good luck on the search


Anonymous said...

I am taken, but also wouldn't meet ALL of your criteria...
However, sometimes it's those imperfections that are not on the "list" that make a person interesting!

I really hope you find your Mr. Right and I can tell you one thing. You do NOT need an online form to find him ;)
You are charming, smart and cute. Plus you have an Aussie-ish accent, which the gay guys looove! You just haven't met the one yet! Don't get desperate!

hugs and lots of love

Aek said...

I answered your survey/questionnaire thing, even though the distances that separate us would be a huge dampener on things.

I'm not sure the "ideal" guy/girl exists. It's almost a fantasy that we have to accept probably won't come true . . . probably.

Taylor said...

you guys are taking this wayyyyy to seriously :)

"this is in an imaginary world"

Ron said...

i automatically disqualify myself because it's me. you'll probably kill me after spending too much time!

Taylor said...

miss you already ;)

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