Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Secret Revealed: Time to Introduce My Man

I actually find it amusing reading some of the comments from the previous post, and the emails and tweets that have been sent to me! Nonetheless, I had a good laugh and I hope you guys realise by now that the boyfriend quest was actually really a joke. That said, I loved the entries that I have received - thanks for the applications. :) It's still open if you want to apply.

The next two topics I am asked to write about are on my living hero and favourite musics, however, I am going to leave those for my next few posts because I think its about time I let you guys know this.

Yes, there is a special someone in my life, and yes, some of you guys actually know him.

It happened quite by accident. He is a blogger and when he first started, we exchanged quite a few emails and comments and that quickly became msn conversations and long Skype calls. It's funny how we instantly clicked and I think we both know that we share a lot of common values, sense of humour, and interests.

We spent at least 2 hours on Skype each day and we would text each other throughout the entire day. There is also the odd phone calls and the few letters / cards we sent to each other. He was there when I wake up in the morning and turn my laptop on and he was there before I go to bed.

After a lot of conversations and spending so much time with each other albeit virtually, we thought we were actually ready to take the next few steps. It took a while as we worked out how this is going to work with us both in two seperate countries and two different continents. We're both still at uni and are utter poor students. I think we both knew that and have kept that in our way for a while but in the end, we finally decided to give it a shot. :)

Well, one night while I was lying in bed trying to sleep and he was on Skype just waiting for me to fall asleep, entertaining me with his horrible singing and making me laugh more than helping me sleep, he told me what he was actually thinking and what our relationship meant to him and that after a lot of consideration, he wants to try to make this work for us. We had a good long discussion and finally decided that we are going to commit ourselves to this long-distance relationship.

I know its going to be difficult for us, but we have spent the past 3 months talking to each other and spending more time with each other than anyone else in our real-life. We have been together now for just over 5 weeks and it hasn't been easy but its probably one of the most beautiful experiences I have had. He understands me, he let me have my way sometimes. He knows how to tell me that I am wrong without getting me angry (I am quite a stubborn person). He knows how to hold a conversation, makes me laugh, makes me feel special and loved. He surprises me every few days with something small but thoughtful and sweet, and he makes me world so much brighter after a long, dull or dark day. He never whines nor does he ever give up. If he doesn't get something right, he will try it again and whatever he does, he makes me happy while he's doing it.

There are times when we have our misunderstandings and disagreements but we have always managed to come out of the arguments with a mutual agreement even if that is to disagree with each other.

At this point in my life, he makes my life whole and he's my inspiration in my everyday life, giving me the motivation and the ideas to help me do what I do. I can't really think of a reason not to commit myself to this relationship and work really hard to make this happen between us both.

It's taken us a long time to come out with a plan to tell you guys because you all are a part of this blogging community and there is every reason for you guys to know this. The plan was to have no plans, and just tell you all as it is whenever we're both ready and think that we're stable. :) And I think the time has come! :)

Of course, me being the dominant one in this relationship, I am to tell you guys about this first before he does - he's just slightly shy, submissive and I wear the pants in this relationship. :P He might disagree.

I think some of you guys might actually be able to tell who this person is. He's the only person who understood my joke in the previous post, and he is none other than my pilot - Taylor or more affectionately called a wombat. Hahaha!

The exciting news is, he's flying over to see me in a month time! :) "YAY" I hear you scream? You bet.

Enough one-sided story from me, go and harrass him to tell his side of the story. Remember, I wear the pants in this relationship, and quite clearly, he's probably going to lie about some details - like how I begged him to be in a relationship with me.


WkBoy714 said...

Congratu-diddly-fucking-lations :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story! I hope things continue to work out good.

Anonymous said...

oh hohoho

how i'm smiling for you right now. congrats man :)


Taylor said...

<3 can't wait to see you!

torchy! said...

Yay! really pleased for you guys. can't imagine that an LTR is gonna be easy for either of you, but it looks like you're off to a flying start.

best of luck to both

Phunk Factor said...

That's so freak'in great!! I'm also involved in an LDR and he's visiting me nowadays...I got no proper words to describe that amazing time you'll be having with Taylor!!

Wish'in u two lovebirds nothing but the best!!!

N yea...keep us updated with the romance! N yes...i'm going to be following him now!

Ron said...

good luck.

hope things work out.

Anonymous said...

that sounds so sweet.

Aek said...

Awww. :-) So jealous of you two. :-P

Winter said...

i know things will be great for you two :) i just do!!

bK said...

That's fantastic! It's also convenient that he's a pilot!

MartininBroda said...

what a sweet story :-) good luck

Asch92 said...

Congrats man!
Saw your blog for the 1st time today and I've been captivated since seeing the title. Please check out my blog:


Anonymous said...

Congrats Aaron

Bi Dude NY (BDNY) said...

Congrats guys! Amazing how love happens.

Taylor said...

I appreciate the support from all of you guys, but we have another secret... I'll let Aaron clear things up shortly :)

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