Monday, June 7, 2010

That Boy Nathan

Thanks for all the encouraging comments on my last post. I replied to some of you via email but I am not sure if you guys get it or not. :/ I could be sending those emails into an empty space somewhere on the interweb.


So, next blog post in the series of "Telling Aaron What to Blog About" is "Nathan Nathan Nathan" which is kinda awkward because Nathan reads this blog and I don't know what I can say about Nathan.

If you've been following this blog, you would have read the beginning of the story.

Nathan came into my life at the most random time and he turns my life upside down in the weirdest way. Under normal circumstances, he's not someone that I would invest much effort in nor would I even consider loving. He's way too far away and we don't even know when we'll see each other again, yet I still love him and invest in making contacts with him.

Apart from his good looks, his beautiful eyes and perfect smile, what I find attractive about him is actually his attitude. He can be a bit of a bitch, but deep down, he's a really caring and compassionate guy. He treats me like gold (sometimes) and there was once, we actually got into a pretty serious argument and he was really angry at me. However, that did not last him a day. That was cute, although the situation wasn't.

On many levels, he's someone that just aligns with a lot of my personal values. He listens and he carries conversations well. With me, he's always genuine and he would admit mistakes and weaknesses - which I really respect. He does the most random things to make me smile. Waking up reading his emails is always a good laugh and a great start to the day. He always has something to make fun of and turn into a joke. And coming home to an email and some times a postcard in the mail just... yeah, there's always laughter when he's around.

We have an honesty policy, i.e. we promised to be honest to each other even if the truth will hurt the other person. Honesty is a value I hold on to very dearly (call me lame) and it is something that he's managed to keep. He tells me everything and anything, even if it might be things that I disagree with. He even tell me the girls he screwed. Mofo!

And nothing pisses me off more than people not being able to keep their words. Well, Nathan definitely has something I don't have. Being organised. :P If he tells me that he'll Skype with me between 11.00-11.30am, he'll be there. If he promise a long email over the weekend, there will be a long email over the weekend. And everything is recorded in his Calender! Bloody organised freak.

He brings a lot of laughter, a lot of love and warmth into my life. In many ways, although he's far, he makes up for it with all his thoughtfulness and love.

Having said that, he is a bit of a pooface sometimes. His sarcasm is so vain it makes me want to give him a good punch in the face. :P

So yeah, I think that's it. Haha. It's funny that in the beginning, I had an intense feeling for Nathan. It subsided slightly, a few weeks after I met him but over the last few weeks, its just come back again. I'll think about him at really random times. Having said that, he's thousands and thousands of miles away, so all I could do is dream dream dream... until he comes to Australia.

I hope everyone is well. Lots of love to you all.


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JC said...

Dare I say it...someone's in L-O-V-E. Have to say that I am rather jealous b/c I have yet to find the person who makes me feel the way Nathan does for you. Distance is just a number. If it is meant to last, a way will be found! Take care.

Aek said...

Thanks for sharing. :-) It definitely sounds like you care a lot for him and vice versa.

Ron said...

glad to hear you've met a guy like that


boy wonder said...

I really liked this! :]
I also think you may like my blog as well.

Prince you know whom:) said...

aaaaaaaaaaa!! I think I didn't read this before! ehhh :*********

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