Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This is How I Look Like

I apologise for the disappearance. Truth is, I've been herding my sex slaves.

OK, that is a lie. Where would I find these sex slaves huh.

So the next in the series of questions is about my cute face. *Looks at Village Boy*


So here is a picture of how I look like and it will only be here for 15 mins before its gone!

[photo taken down]

Well, for those who missed it, too bad! Here's a photo of my body (sort of) instead.

Well, truth is, I'm just your ordinary, typical Asian with short black hair and brown eyes. I don't have any special feature and certainly I don't think I look anything amazing. Sure, some people do find me attractive and I do accept that I have quite a good sense of style, but honestly, I don't have the best features or anything. Some of you know how I look like, and Brett certainly know how I look like since he's met me in flesh - so go harrass him. Also Nathan who reads this blog has spent 5 days with me, kissed my face and seen more flesh of mine than most people. However, he's gone to north Europe so I doubt he's got connection good enough to read anymore posts - we can bitch about him! :D

Village Boy, Nic, Aek, torchy and BK have also seen a photo of me, so they might actually beg to differ. They can probably give you a better opinion on how I look like, but they are probably going to be appropriate and biased.


I finally finished my prac which means no more early mornings for the next 2 months! Hurrah!

Saying goodbye wasn't easy though. On Friday, right from the moment I stepped into school, students were swarming me and asking me endless questions. Then when I walked into the classroom, two students came up to me and gave me chocolates. We had the whole pod assembly, which is 3 classrooms so about 80 of my favourite kids. I gave my farewell speech. They belong to my pod, so I know all of them rather well and I am rather close to most of them.

As the day went on, more chocolates and gifts came in! And some students bought me cards, and some made me cards. Overall, it was really flattering. I taught two sessions out of three on that day. In the final session, I said my final farewell and almost had tears! It was unbelievable, and then the kids had their final words with me and some had tears. It was quite moving. One kid ran up and hugged me - which is not allowed technically but he's the Deputy Principal's godson and his dad is the Principal at another school so he would know better. He's also a mischievous kid as well.

Aaaah. It's all over, but I did promise the kid I'll come back to visit them and that I'll do. :)


MartininBroda said...

Too bad I missed the pic :-)

Winter said...

ahh! i missed your cute face by 6 minutes :( -casts a very disappointed look- sigh.. hope you got my mail, and most certainly hope to chat with you in the near future. i'm sure you are a great teacher so teaching might still be a profession you want to go to next time? big hugs!

Drew said...

Hmm I thought I had seen your pic but since you didn't mention me I guess I was wrong :(

but if anyone wants to know, Aaron is a cutie :)

HMG said...

Damn why did i give you that idea! Bastard and i was teh one that realy wanted to see it :-(, fine I guess i will get it out f you some way but damn :'(!!!!!

Tommy said...

I thought i had met you in person too but apparently not :P

Aek said...

Lol, who're you kidding? You're freaking adorable!! :-D

Biki said...

Sigh, I missed it! But I've noticed that most people who claim they are not cute, are...so by process of elimination, you sir are cute!

torchy! said...

me? appropriate? never! lol. definitely biased tho - i have a bit of a thing for the Asian look, particularly orientals :P you're a very good-looking guy Aaron, and your brilliant personality makes you a win-win.

*cough* super-smexy-sexy-body *cough*. better make that win-win-win :P


ps. lucky Nathan!

Jason Shaw said...

Darn and blast, I missed the pic. Nice blog.

Dean Grey said...

You are such a tease, Aaron!

Oh well. Guess I'll just have to imagine what you look like!


Nic said...

I've seen you and you have a beautiful smile

Anonymous said...

Can I post a picture of you on my blog? Nobody would see it anyways :P
Guess who ;)

Prince Nathan said...

Yes I am here and I am reading! catching up after not being here for a while. and to all of you - seriously he is not that pretty ;p :***

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