Monday, July 19, 2010

Being on the Other Side

I met a guy a few weeks ago.
He's in the same uni as me, and is in his final year of an Engineering degree.
He's smart and really successful at what he does.

We met up one day, had coffee and had a really long chat.
It was really good and we actually met up a few times since.

The thing is, he's really geeky which is kinda cool but I can't stand geeky overload.
I'm more of a crazy ass person who enjoys sarcasm and dry jokes.
Anyway, I never thought there is anything going on and was really just hanging out as friends until one day I got an email from him expressing his feelings towards me.

I feel kinda bad but I had to say no.
It's difficult but I told him how I felt and how its just not the right time for me either.
He's cool about it. Apparently.

I hope.


Tommy said...

Engineer. Ummm hello aaron?
I think smart is sexy too, not sure about geeky but

Ron said...

Where do you meet all these guys that you do

Anonymous said...

lol i always fall in love with the dorks hell jamesy is a huge one and yiou see where that got me...and i am with ron whee is the guy shop?

Prince Charming Nathan:) said...

"crazy ass person who enjoys sarcasm and dry jokes?" so I guess you didn't understand mines because you didn't like me on the first place?;p

Aek said...

Hey now, don't be hating on the nerds. :-P

Dean Grey said...

You have something against guys that wear glasses, Aaron!?



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