Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Global Boyfriend Quest Finalists

So, I've closed the Global Boyfriend Quest and in total, I received over 500,000 entries, as anticipated. Well, I do sell like hot cakes y'know.

Well, I selected 5 entries as the finalists and here are some funny entries.

Because I'm a nice, outgoing person, who loves to party but also doesn't mind staying at home with friends and hang out or just the loved one and have a nice and cozy evening in front of the fireplace.

Additionally, I can cook you an awesome dinner. No matter if Italian, Spanish or German. You name it! Plus it will be served on a table lit by candle light ;)

Hmm, I'm hardly perfect and I know it, even tho I might not admit it immediately, but that would be mainly to tease you.

I love spoiling the one I love, but never too much. Just those little things in between that show how much I care.

About me, I can be outgoing and love the extreme - maybe an example, theme parks like six flags... love the adrenaline rush - but i can also be a bit of a geek when it comes to things, but I think I keep it in good balance ;)

This guy probably has done a bit of research and stalking because the last paragraph very much describe me and I think I've written that quite a few times at quite a few places. :P

Because I'm caring, intelligent, and will listen. Also, having a "pocket doctor" isn't so bad, is it? :-P

Lol. Dude, that's not enough! It cannot be all about you! :P

Aaron Smith
im a trk driver so i think i have the masculine thing down. also i know how to treat my man. (key word there man no princesses for me lol) i think i have a great sense of humour and i enjoy intelligent debate and know when to call it an agree to disagree situation. i have enough experience to be an adult about things but the heart to be a kid. meh lets see what you think

Sounds like the perfect guy to me. :)

idk. i dont actually know why im applying for this cos i don't know you personally. but i just finished listening on your voice blog and im stucked here listening to it over and over again.

a wise person once told me, it's not gonna be everyday that someone will amaze you, and if one day you meet that certain someone, never let them go.

so im here, tryin out. lol

love and light <3

Can we have a collective "awww..". This guy has got potential, and definitely got my attention! :)

I am not posting his entry because its bloody disgusting! :P

And lastly, probably the funniest one... and one of the first few I received:
Cuz I'm hung like a hor..... oh nevermind. :)

Look up male model in the dictionary, there's a picture of me. Fact. Go do it. Actually stand up and go see! Believe me yet?

Now that we've got that sorted out, my personality is amazing. I mean, I'm grounded, generous, very modest, and lovable. Damn am I lovable. Just the cutest little thing you've ever seen.

My ex-girlfriend says that I'm a great lover... and I mean coming from her that means a lot, cuz I wasn't even tryin!

But seriously, mail me a postcard sometime. 1 Canada Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. HOH OHO*

(*santa's real postal code)

Lameeeeeeeeeeeeee! :P

Now, to all the finalists, your last step is to send in a picture or two of yourself for my consideration. I will contact the top 3 for a video chat over Skype and then I'll decide the winner.

Email: beautifoolchaos [at] gmail.com


Aek said...

LOL! At least I made it into your top 5. ;-P

Ron said...

ooooh, so now the physical appearance factor comes into play

Anonymous said...

comeon aaron, tell us what nathan said!


Prince Charming Nathan:) said...

Come ooooon Mr. Aaron !! tell us!! ;p

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