Monday, July 12, 2010

I Can Be Your Hero, Baby

I can kiss away the pain .. oh yeah!

OK, next in the series of questions is, "Who is your living hero?"

To be honest, I used to adore people like Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa, but lately, I don't really have a living hero because I keep constantly get inspired by people everywhere! Working in social innovation, I get exposed to some of the most innovative and highly intelligent people who do absolutely amazing things, so I don't think I have a living hero that stays with me for long.

I know, I didn't really answer the question, but there really isn't an answer. Sorry.

For those uninitiated, I open up this blog to my readers, like yourself, to ask me questions or what you want me to post about - all you need to do is to fill it in the form on the sidebar and submit it. I will post them as soon as I can.


The Global Boyfriend Quest is still open, so go put in your application if you're eligible and want a piece of me. You wouldn't regret it.

Impress me with your best pick-up line. You might just get a prize!

If you're just as naff as a cow, please spare me and do not write anything for God's sake. He's watching.


It's funny how people can misunderstand the joke / prank I played with Taylor a few days back. For those who have a problem with that, stop abusing the poor boy. If you have a problem, bring it to me. Send me an email, rant your heart out and stop being a douche by leaving nasty comments on that boy's blog.

It's merely a prank like one of those phonecall prank - not making fun of anyone or anything.


My presentation at the conference went really well although I was a tad sleepy. I was asked to host a workshop on Thursday, so that, I did and then I was asked to join them at the closing ceremony dinner. I did that and probably had one too many wines. I also met some really interesting people, including two guys who kept talking to me, although I am not complaining cos they were ridiculously hilarious. Got home at midnight, pass out and got up at 3am to put together my presentation.

Awkward moment came when the MC invited all keynote speakers to stand and receive their applause. I was asked to stand as well and I was not only the youngest one standing, but the only one who didn't have a suit and full-on bow tie on. Bloody embarrassing. So, in the midst of all these mid-life (all of them were at least in their 50s) men and women, who are Professors and PhDs from all across the world, there I was, a tiny, casual-looking young man.

The good thing about being a keynote speaker is they get you want you want, so they paid for all my cab charges the entire conference, and I have access to the green room with free flow coffee, alcohol and food. Mmmm.. Oh, and a lady who makes sure that I have a glass of water near the computer when I speak - that's just my routine.


f.wene said...

my hero is Lance Armstrong:)

Winter said...

sounds super great :) well can't think of "heros" per say, but i'd take alexander mcqueen as a very great inspiration. take care and hugs!

Ron said...

hmm i dont think i really have a personal hero :(

Dean Grey said...


*slaps hand on forehead*

You should've worn a suit and tie!


R. Burnett Baker said...

The photo for this post says it all!


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