Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Juggling Like a Rockstar

I've got a massive presentation to prepare because I found out that a panel I was supposed to present is now changed to a plenary session.

This means that instead of a 15 mins presentation, its now a 45 mins presentation, and rather than expected 30 delegates, I will be addressing 800. This is a massive pain in the butt because I keep cracking my head thinking what do I want to present to inspire these people. Plenary means I can't regurgitate - I need new stuff. And its an international conference, so they're going to screw my virgin butt.

Uni has also begun and I am not enjoying it at all. I've got assignments to do, class to attend, research to do and a bloody massive presentation to prepare. I'm also using prezi so I'm still learning how to use it!

On another note, I am glad all of you have a good sense of humour re my previous post, except one person who was offended because he has feelings for me. He avoided conversations with me and if you're reading this, I am still waiting to hear from you again and have a proper conversation.

On another note, Mr Shameless-Prince-So-Not-Charming aka Nathan put in an application for the Boyfriend Quest and its disgusting! Bastard.

I actually do miss him.


Dzyan said...

From the whole time I´ve known you, I´ve grown to realize you´re actually really good at what you do, so you feeling all overwhelmed must be because you´re having lots of stress, I would advice you to go have some good time after all recreation is just as important and never forget to breath.

On the other hand, Prezi is real easy to use, you´ll get the hand of it in an hour at most and end up with a great presentation, just try to relax and focus one problem at a time or you´ll be overwhelmed by to-do´s; I´m sure you´ll do great, all the success to you.


Phunk Factor said...

So are we getting to see some of the funny ones?

*Puppy dog eyes*

Phunk Factor said...

Oh and Best of Luck for the presentation!!!

Taylor said...

virgin? HA!

srrsly, good luck :)

Anonymous said...

I've found that it's easier to present to lots and lots of people over a small gathering so best of luck!

Prince Nathan:) said...

is that mean that my application is rejected? ok! I guess I will find someone else to love:)

Aek said...

You'll do great!! Just don't forget to breathe. :-)

Dean Grey said...


I would have a heart attack, pass out, and die (in no particular order) if I had to give a speech in front of 800 people!!!


Hope it turns out well!


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