Monday, July 5, 2010

Secret Revealed: The Truth Behind the Lie

I think its about time I reveal that the previous post and the post on Taylor's blog is actually a prank that Taylor and I decided to play on our readers. :P I mean, Taylor is a pretty shit liar (as evident on his blog) and if you read his post again, you will pick up a lot of hints that this is a lie, e.g. there is no way he is flying his teeny winny aircraft over here).


I know some of you would be pretty offended and angry at us for playing this prank but I hope you guys would also see the joke behind it and realised that boys just wanna have fuh-un...

The idea was born out of a really quick email actually. We were talking about the joke in my Boyfriend Quest and then it came to me that maybe we should play a prank together since we both share a pretty common sense of humour. Although I do wish Taylor is a my boyfriend, he is quite a mean poohead who sends me temptations rather than proper emails *coughs*. (I joke)

Jokes aside though, distance relationship is definitely not a topic of a joke and I do mean this and speak with respect to those who are doing it tough all in the name of love - off the top of my head Village Boy, Phunk Factor and Jon.

Distance relationship is a testament of love and of honour, loyalty and trust. Beyond all that, there is also an underlying deep meaning to these courageous men who are doing it because they prove to the world that gay relationship is just as genuine, as pure and as REAL as any other kind of relationship.

There are many things to be envious about in love, especially when you don't have it (like ME!) but at the same time, there are many things that are not very enviable about long distance relationship - especially on a cold, wet night, feeling down and all you want to do is curl up into someone's arm. They're there, but not really there. This is just one example why I have a whole load of respect for these men who had to take this path all in the name of pure love and devotion.

I hope that jokes and anger aside, you all should be happy that Taylor is still in the market (all profits go to me, of course) and send some love to these young men who are in distance relationship. :)

If you are offended by this prank, send your abusive email to me. I can take it like a bulletproof vest. ;) Otherwise, send your love to me or fill in my Boyfriend Quest Application. I've already got 565,342 applications so far - always looking for more so keep them coming.

Lots of love to you boys - Village Boy, Phunk Factor and Jon. If you are also in a long distance relationship, please comment and share with us your story. :)


Bobby Derrekson said...

Oh come on!! My heart melted a little with your cheesy love story :( You suck ;) lol.

bK said...

Pffffft! lol.

Phunk Factor said...

There is a word we have in Urdu for ppl like means monkey...actually that wasn't what I was planning to say at all but blogger doesn't allow my colorful urdu swearing! :p

Hahahaha.....well all jokes was a nice prank! N man, did u bluff me....argh, I hate it when I'm bluffed!

And yes, all you've mentioned is quite gets really hard at times and you hate the distance more than anything!! But we get through it somehow....i'm googling for medical research facilities in his home-country....perhaps i'd do my winter-research over there...but it's a long-shot!!

And some of the funny entries from the Boyfriend Quest PLEASE!

Oh btw, I thought he was srious about flying his lil aircraft to Australia...and I kept thinking, 'Freak, he's crazy!!!'

Anonymous said...

I hate you Aaron :P

Such a mean trick you played on us poor helpless followers :P

You should be ashamed of yourself :P

Ethan :D

Jason Shaw said...

What a wicked trick, teehee.

Oh well, maybe the boyf hunt thingy will pay off, I'd fill it in myself, but I'm not looking and I can't see, I've got my pants on my head and am about to piss off somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

yeah, so my application is still valid? :P

I tried to write it as good as possible just to later tell you that - ups - I'm taken. :P
Ok, you know that. However, for putting up a bad bad joke like this you deserve to be spanked really hard! Move your ass over to Europe so I can spank it... What happened to honesty? Lying to all of us about a relation that never existed. And I thought you were an honest person... There you see how far off one can be...

Well, honestly I didn't believe the relationshit thingy anymore after reading Taylor's post... It was a bit too abstract. Meaning you are a better liar... I will definitely watch out and question every word you'll ever say to me from now on!

Sooo, enough of -hopefully- making you feel guilty


PS: LDR is one of the hardest things a man can do for love, but if the other person is the one, it is 110% worth it!

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