Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Beautifoolly Chaotic

It's been a chaotic week, over the past week, thus I haven't replied to any emails, nor have I posted anything. I leave the house at 7am and I don't get home usually until about 10pm, which doesn't give me a lot of time to read, write and reply. I had a backtrack of over 120 emails to read, 23 to reply to, and I still have got 5 emails to reply to, which I just couldn't find the energy to anymore. I spent a full day, yesterday, just going through my inbox and attempting to clear it out - so far, I've still got a bit to go.

So, Nathan, if you are reading this, I want you to know that I am going to reply to your email as soon as I can. :)

On another note, I just recently got selected to be on the advisory board of a corporation. I am on a few advisory boards of non-profits, and that's why I used to fly down to Sydney and Melbourne every month for 2 years. I'm always flown the cheapest flight, given a private room in a hostel and a cab charge (a credit card for cabs). This time, for the corporation, I am flying Qantas on business class, given a rented car and boutique suite for 2 nights, for a day meeting. I can get used to this.

I'll be in Melbourne for about a week, catching up with friends, meeting friends I've communicated via social networking sites like Twitter and email but never real life and other colleagues. Also going to work on a collaborative project with a friend of mine.

I'm very tempted to just move to Melbourne. My favourite city in Australia (except in Winter).

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Mysterious Blogger


The replies to my previous post were overwhelming, and to be honest, I really am not sure what to make of it all. If you are curious, I have emailed the person a few weeks ago, and told me all about my thoughts and what I found. He sent me a long reply, admitting to the lies but never justifying or telling me what were true or false in what he has told me. He also went on to tell me what had happened in his life in the past few months that he was gone, which I really, really do feel sorry for him.

I don't know - as much as he has lied, I really cannot judge whether he'll do anything harmful to anyone, because a big part of me still trust him and has admiration for him. However, he read my previous post and has since deleted his blog. One reader also guessed who this blogger is. I only hope he'd come back to blogging and clear things up. I really don't have much respect for people who lie, just personally. 

As for me, I am not affected by it at all - if anything, I only feel bad that he's stopped blogging altogether and just disappeared because that is not my intention at all. I really do hope he'll write back to me.

In other news, I came out to a pretty close friend last night. He's someone I have a lot of respect for and we are starting a new venture together. I've always been envious of his achievements, and getting to travel around the world. It's pretty hard to catch him, but last night, he called me on Skype and we had a chat about life, general awesomeness and I found out he was actually envious of the things I have done and achieved in the short 1 year I am in Brisbane.

We yarned for a bit before we decided we need to talk more. He then told me he needed to be honest with me and have always had a feeling that I wasn't straight. So, I came out to him and later he came out to me as well - that he's at least bisexual.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

What Would You Do?

Many months ago, I got to know a blogger rather well. We chatted everyday, morning and night, many times for many hours. After a few weeks, we exchanged photos of how we look like, exchanged stories about our lives and opened up about each other.

We shared a bond and we shared a trust. A trust.

Or so I thought.

The blogger went MIA for a while and while he was gone, I did a bit of digging and research and later found out that half of the things he told me was false. I was in shock, and in fact, I knew this was going to happen one day after having this discussion with a few bloggers before. However, nothing can prepare you for the shock when you found out about the lies from a blogger you highly respected and you thought was a friend.

I didn't tell anyone, and spent a few days digesting the fact.

However, it also worries me that many teens follow this blogger - he has quite a large following and people do worship him. What worries even more is that this blogger just recently made a come back and as much as I'd like to let this go, a part of me feel disturbed and uncomfortable with the fact that I know some of the truth behind the lies, yet I am not doing anything but watching this throngs of people throwing themselves at him.

What would you do?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Hate the Election

The election really brings out the worst in people and I am officially over this election already. The whole media isn't helping either and my friend on Facebook annoys the shit out of me with his insane right-wing views. Fucking twat.

It is also bringing out a really inhumane side of human. Australia has a stupid fear of "boat people" which is ridiculous, because there is nothing to fear about. Watch this. Canada and the UK processes their asylum seekers onshore and it only costs them $4,400 per refugee, and gives these refugees dignity and humane treatment they deserve. Australia sends all the refugees (off-shore) to detention centres - regardless if you're children. What's worse is these detention centres are below living standards. Kids are living in tiny prison cells with only a tap and a toilet bowl, and people are living in highly congested prison cells. The off-shore processing has been condemned over and over again by the United Nations and human right activists, but politicians still think its the way to go. Furthermore, off-shore processing costs us A$38,000 to process each refugee. And as far as I know, we're the only developed country who process refugee offshore, and putting children and innocent refugees in prison cells. Disgusting.

And my friend, lets call him idiotface, had a huge arguments with a group of my friends regarding this issue, because he thinks we're an elite society. What an effwit - luckily all my friends are sensible, humane people.

Both major parties political leaders are dickheads. But Abbott has to be the bigger twat - yes I said it! You can hate me now.

On another note, I have deleted a majority of bloggers who have added me on Facebook. I apologise that I can't accept you guys as "friends" at this moment, because I really feel uncomfortable with the fact that we have not met, I don't know you awfully well and I don't see a reason for us to be "friends" on Facebook when we never talk nor do we communicate other than allowing each other to stalk each other. I have kept some bloggers who I have grown to know - those who take the initiatives to build the connections, and of course bloggers whom I have met.

On that note, I met Brett through blogging - we were both blogging anonymously and we spoke on msn using our aliases. It wasn't until a few days later that we found out we actually share three mutual friends! Like, real friends, not anonymous friends. It became a bit weird, but we all had a big group chat one night, and they all asked us how I knew Brett and vice versa... "Ummm.. through a forum!" *phew*

So, we've all grown to become close with each other.

I bring this up because Brett just sent me a Facebook message - of course, bullying me. That kid does nothing except giving me a hard time. He blocks everyone from viewing all his photos, except his best friend, who is also my friend. I finally convinced him to let me view his photos as well and I had to giggle at some of his photos, esp those of him as a kid! Bahaha!

We're allowed to bitch about Brett because he doesn't read blogs anymore. :)

I'm out.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Feels like Home

- I was selected to be on the board of an exciting new venture which I am rather passionate about, so I'm flying to Melbourne next month. The venture is run by a major bank in Australia.

- I am addicted to Milo. Again. I was addicted to Milo when I was young.

- Brett has turned from being the shy, soft-spoken and well-behaved young man has turned into this rainbow-flag-waving, ear-pierced, drunken gay man.

- I've been slightly homesick lately, but strangely, I actually miss Adelaide than my actual hometown, home. As much as a hole that place is, it actually holds some beautiful memories and genuine, good friends.

- I received a postcard on Thursday from a good friend, it says, "Today is a brand new day. I will create something beautiful". I thought that was beautiful.

- Time flies, and life's passing by me in 110km/hr and its scary. I've been spending writing a project plan to start a project next year. *fingers crossed*

- I've been rather bad at keeping in touch with many of you guys, and I do apologise. I do appreciate all the emails and comments. I try really hard to reply to them all but its proving challenging! I hope you're all well and happy, because somewhere, there is always someone who loves you just the way you are.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Week that Has Been

I have busy the past week and the last few days, I was so sick I was like a floating zombie, sliding from one place to another. I have to admit being sick has taken away all the energy in me. Add that to full-time working, I come home everyday and just crash and die in bed.

I spent the week coming home from work at about 5pm everyday, make a cup of hot drink, change into warm and comfortable clothes and read/reply to emails. Make dinner at 6.00pm, eat dinner at 6.30pm, and watch TV snuggled up in my blanket at 7.00pm, sniffling away. A big mug of hot chocolate while watching TV and talk to Mr Crush until about 9.30pm and die in bed.

That was my routine from Monday to Thursday. On Friday, I finished work at 3.30pm and caught the train into the city. Was meant to meet Mr Crush at 5.00pm in the mall but when I arrived at the Central station, right outside the gate beaming in his perfect smile was Mr Crush! He finished class early and decided to come give me a surprise, so holding a bag of salty liquorice (effing disgusting thing!) he camped outside the gate since 3.50pm (I arrived at 4.00pm).

His family background is Dutch and he lived in northern Europe for a while after high school - that explains his love for salty liquorice - I don't understand why would people eat that. He took 5 mins to convince me to put that nasty thing in my mouth, and not wanting to cross the road until I ate it! Embarrassing..... so I had to eat that disgusting thing.. and I chewed it but it took forever to melt!

I was still sick so we went to this really cool cafe with big leather couch to have a big mug of hot chocolate. He bought me a big chocolate muffin, which we went halves but I couldn't taste anything! At 5.00pm we took the bus to his house. I collapsed on the couch, and he got me pillows and blankets, made me tea, lit the candles and played a DVD.

We made pizza for dinner and had a food fight while we're at it. We ate, had ice-cream and drank hot chocolate again while we finish the movie. We then danced and sang to Glee soundtracks before he dropped me off at a cocktail bar for my friend's birthday drinks at 9.00pm.

I entered the bar and at the table, a girl at the end of the table gave me the biggest wave and went, "AARON!" I gave her the biggest smile and said, "HEY!"... but I don't know who she was until my friend told me. I don't think we've been introduced but I know she attended at least two events I spoke at. Awkward. Then as I sat down, a guy right in front of me gave me a familiar smile, extended his hand and went, "Aaron, long time no see, mate! How you been?" and umm... I don't remember him at all? Until now, I have no recollection of having met him but he knows my name, know where I work and what I do, so clearly we've spoken before. Awkward x2.

After finishing my drink, my sickness was killing me, so I excused myself at 9.50pm, feeling like an ultimate party pooper and went home.

I'm feeling a tad better but I still have a slight runny nose. Not fun.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gaying Up America One State at a Time

So, California Chief Judge just overturned Prop 8, calling it "unconstitutional" which, all I can say is, "fuck yeah!". The Governor has called for same-sex marriage be allowed. Awesome, right?

I told this to Mr Crush and told him I was packing my bag and moving to San Francisco - one of my favourite cities on Earth.

Although I was never really a big fan of the US of A, my recent brief trip there has changed my views quite significantly. Well, good work America. Keep up the good work and let's gay up America on state at a time.

While we do this, its disappointing to say same-sex marriage in Australia is not going to happen for a while. Definitely not going to happen if Mr Fuckwit Abbott becomes the Prime Minister, and not going to happen for a while if Miss Unmarried Atheist Gillard continue to forget her party's role in politics is to the left, to the left.

Australia is the least religious country amongst all developed countries, with only 10% of Aussies attend church on Sundays and less than 10% of young people consider themselves practising any kind of religion. We are the only developed country that has a female, atheist lady ruling the country, who is also unmarried and living with her partner (considered a sin in most religions). Doesn't make sense, but we've been taking it to the streets for ages, with the biggest rally in Melbourne earlier this year (with support from Sir Ian McKellen), and a nationwide rally on the 14th of August. To find your nearest rally event, click here. It's going to be my first public same-sex event, but looking at the Event on Facebook, quite a few of my straight male friends have RSVP'ed to be attending and Mr Crush said that if he comes, I am coming too.
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