Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gaying Up America One State at a Time

So, California Chief Judge just overturned Prop 8, calling it "unconstitutional" which, all I can say is, "fuck yeah!". The Governor has called for same-sex marriage be allowed. Awesome, right?

I told this to Mr Crush and told him I was packing my bag and moving to San Francisco - one of my favourite cities on Earth.

Although I was never really a big fan of the US of A, my recent brief trip there has changed my views quite significantly. Well, good work America. Keep up the good work and let's gay up America on state at a time.

While we do this, its disappointing to say same-sex marriage in Australia is not going to happen for a while. Definitely not going to happen if Mr Fuckwit Abbott becomes the Prime Minister, and not going to happen for a while if Miss Unmarried Atheist Gillard continue to forget her party's role in politics is to the left, to the left.

Australia is the least religious country amongst all developed countries, with only 10% of Aussies attend church on Sundays and less than 10% of young people consider themselves practising any kind of religion. We are the only developed country that has a female, atheist lady ruling the country, who is also unmarried and living with her partner (considered a sin in most religions). Doesn't make sense, but we've been taking it to the streets for ages, with the biggest rally in Melbourne earlier this year (with support from Sir Ian McKellen), and a nationwide rally on the 14th of August. To find your nearest rally event, click here. It's going to be my first public same-sex event, but looking at the Event on Facebook, quite a few of my straight male friends have RSVP'ed to be attending and Mr Crush said that if he comes, I am coming too.


the immigayrant said...


I laughed when I read "to the left, to the left". In my head, it was read the way one would sing Beyonce's song. LoL!

I hope gay marriage will come to Australia in 10 years time. Please don't let Abbot be the next PM.

Phunk Factor said...

Hehehe...even I laughed at the 'to the left' remark!! Lol...nice one!!

N Mr. Crush is responding well...neat!! :D

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