Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Hate the Election

The election really brings out the worst in people and I am officially over this election already. The whole media isn't helping either and my friend on Facebook annoys the shit out of me with his insane right-wing views. Fucking twat.

It is also bringing out a really inhumane side of human. Australia has a stupid fear of "boat people" which is ridiculous, because there is nothing to fear about. Watch this. Canada and the UK processes their asylum seekers onshore and it only costs them $4,400 per refugee, and gives these refugees dignity and humane treatment they deserve. Australia sends all the refugees (off-shore) to detention centres - regardless if you're children. What's worse is these detention centres are below living standards. Kids are living in tiny prison cells with only a tap and a toilet bowl, and people are living in highly congested prison cells. The off-shore processing has been condemned over and over again by the United Nations and human right activists, but politicians still think its the way to go. Furthermore, off-shore processing costs us A$38,000 to process each refugee. And as far as I know, we're the only developed country who process refugee offshore, and putting children and innocent refugees in prison cells. Disgusting.

And my friend, lets call him idiotface, had a huge arguments with a group of my friends regarding this issue, because he thinks we're an elite society. What an effwit - luckily all my friends are sensible, humane people.

Both major parties political leaders are dickheads. But Abbott has to be the bigger twat - yes I said it! You can hate me now.

On another note, I have deleted a majority of bloggers who have added me on Facebook. I apologise that I can't accept you guys as "friends" at this moment, because I really feel uncomfortable with the fact that we have not met, I don't know you awfully well and I don't see a reason for us to be "friends" on Facebook when we never talk nor do we communicate other than allowing each other to stalk each other. I have kept some bloggers who I have grown to know - those who take the initiatives to build the connections, and of course bloggers whom I have met.

On that note, I met Brett through blogging - we were both blogging anonymously and we spoke on msn using our aliases. It wasn't until a few days later that we found out we actually share three mutual friends! Like, real friends, not anonymous friends. It became a bit weird, but we all had a big group chat one night, and they all asked us how I knew Brett and vice versa... "Ummm.. through a forum!" *phew*

So, we've all grown to become close with each other.

I bring this up because Brett just sent me a Facebook message - of course, bullying me. That kid does nothing except giving me a hard time. He blocks everyone from viewing all his photos, except his best friend, who is also my friend. I finally convinced him to let me view his photos as well and I had to giggle at some of his photos, esp those of him as a kid! Bahaha!

We're allowed to bitch about Brett because he doesn't read blogs anymore. :)

I'm out.


Ron said...

Tony Abbott is a waste of time, and Labor ain't doing so well either. If I was citizen and I could vote for my electorate, I'd go:

1 Greens
2 Socialist Alliance
3 Independent
4 Australian Labor Party
5 Liberal Party of Australia

Liberals (big L) = UGH.

Ron said...

and it would appear we also have 3 mutual friends.

Ty said...

mmm dunno bout your friend Aaron but i know who i'm going to vote for...NO ONE....its a good thing not being enrolled sometimes i can just sit back and laugh at all the crap that ppl come out with

as for facebook friends...i hear you, thats one reason why i only have 2 ppl from blogger on my facebook i find that msn works for me and even there i only have 4 bloggers on it (mmm i must be antisocial? nah just shy)


Mind Of Mine said...

I never knew this about the Australian stance on Asylum seekers, frankly I am horrified!

I have also deleted bloggers who have added me to facebook but have not maintained contact, either through blog or through Facebook. Wise choice.

Aaron said...

@Ron But our mutual friends are blogger friends though..

Aek said...

Oh politics. >.< It's difficult to imagine a politician saying those things in that YouTube vid . . . actually, I take it back, it's totally believable. Politicians need to think more before they speak. :-P

Hmm, I wonder if I'm still Facebook friends with you. I haven't been on Facebook in weeks, and I've been more or less avoiding MSN/AIM for the last week or so. Pity that I never seem to catch you when you're online, grrr!!!

the immigayrant said...


Sure. When are you visiting Melbourne?

Have you guys watched the debate between Australian Sex Party and Family First?

I think it takes a very open mind and self-confidence to support a party with the word "sex" on its name. Do you think you are open minded?

Ron said...


Oh, okay then.

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