Sunday, August 15, 2010

Feels like Home

- I was selected to be on the board of an exciting new venture which I am rather passionate about, so I'm flying to Melbourne next month. The venture is run by a major bank in Australia.

- I am addicted to Milo. Again. I was addicted to Milo when I was young.

- Brett has turned from being the shy, soft-spoken and well-behaved young man has turned into this rainbow-flag-waving, ear-pierced, drunken gay man.

- I've been slightly homesick lately, but strangely, I actually miss Adelaide than my actual hometown, home. As much as a hole that place is, it actually holds some beautiful memories and genuine, good friends.

- I received a postcard on Thursday from a good friend, it says, "Today is a brand new day. I will create something beautiful". I thought that was beautiful.

- Time flies, and life's passing by me in 110km/hr and its scary. I've been spending writing a project plan to start a project next year. *fingers crossed*

- I've been rather bad at keeping in touch with many of you guys, and I do apologise. I do appreciate all the emails and comments. I try really hard to reply to them all but its proving challenging! I hope you're all well and happy, because somewhere, there is always someone who loves you just the way you are.



the immigayrant said...

You're coming to Melbourne? Yay!

Maybe we can meet-up while you're not too busy. How is that?



Anonymous said...

What a beautiful image that is! Thanks!

bK said...

Mmm, Milo! I loved it too when I was really little. I can't seem to find it here where I live.

Ron said...

yeah brett's gone pretty out there hasn't he.

Dean Grey said...

What an exciting life you lead, Aaron!


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