Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Mysterious Blogger


The replies to my previous post were overwhelming, and to be honest, I really am not sure what to make of it all. If you are curious, I have emailed the person a few weeks ago, and told me all about my thoughts and what I found. He sent me a long reply, admitting to the lies but never justifying or telling me what were true or false in what he has told me. He also went on to tell me what had happened in his life in the past few months that he was gone, which I really, really do feel sorry for him.

I don't know - as much as he has lied, I really cannot judge whether he'll do anything harmful to anyone, because a big part of me still trust him and has admiration for him. However, he read my previous post and has since deleted his blog. One reader also guessed who this blogger is. I only hope he'd come back to blogging and clear things up. I really don't have much respect for people who lie, just personally. 

As for me, I am not affected by it at all - if anything, I only feel bad that he's stopped blogging altogether and just disappeared because that is not my intention at all. I really do hope he'll write back to me.

In other news, I came out to a pretty close friend last night. He's someone I have a lot of respect for and we are starting a new venture together. I've always been envious of his achievements, and getting to travel around the world. It's pretty hard to catch him, but last night, he called me on Skype and we had a chat about life, general awesomeness and I found out he was actually envious of the things I have done and achieved in the short 1 year I am in Brisbane.

We yarned for a bit before we decided we need to talk more. He then told me he needed to be honest with me and have always had a feeling that I wasn't straight. So, I came out to him and later he came out to me as well - that he's at least bisexual.



Phunk Factor said...

Congrats on a new coming out....anddddd about the blogger...dunno!!! If he was harming others with his influence...then tht probably would have been and issue....but if he wasn' was okay kinda i guess!!!

Stephen Chapman... said...

Well done on coming out - hope it all works out for you... I'm sure it will!

Aek said...

Wow. I hope that blogger does return to blogging and clear things up. It'd be a shame to have a blog you once read just up and disappear without a warning/reason, even if there were falsehoods written in it.

Also, congrats on coming out (and him likewise). I suppose that only strengthened the friendship between you two. :-)

Anonymous said...

Good riddance that way he can't create anymore problems.

With that being said I do think he does owe some people (and before anybody asks no I don't know who Aaron is talking about either) an explanation as to why he didn't just out right tell them the truth.

Always nice to catch up with and old friend and glad you two are closer then before.

Take care

Mind Of Mine said...

Well done, and taking one of the many steps to being a happy Queer!

I think if he has deleted is a clear indication that he had something to hide. He was probably afraid that you would be able to point out particular posts or stories that were fabricated so he deleted.

William said...

I am surprise nobody has said anything except continuing this gossip nonsense. First of all, you don't know what the truth is.(you suspected that he'd harm someone. Give me a break!) And I really don't think it's your place to judge. So what if he fabricated, again, it's none of your business. This whole thing sounded really petty, so disappointing coming from you.

Dean Grey said...


Perhaps the "mysterious blogger" deleting his blog is for the best. Now it's over and done with.

Congrats on coming out to one of your friends too!


bK said...

I read your first "mysterious blogger" post and has since been thinking about who it could be. Still couldn't figure it out. I would expect that it is common for people to come up with wildly different personae about themselves online. Although, I'm sure there are also a bunch (like the bloggers who visit your blogs and mine) who are genuine.

Congrats on the coming out! Aaron +1, Brody 0 lol. I'll catch up someday! Maybe... lol

the immigayrant said...

Congrats for coming out to more people, Aaron! ^_^

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